Nikolay Glushkov, Aeroflot former deputy director, wanted to tell about company’s links with FSB in his dying hours

Nikolay Glushkov, Aeroflot former deputy director, wanted to tell about company’s links with FSB in his dying hours
Nikolay Glushkov Photo: Wiki

This was learned by The Wall Street Journal from the London Court’s documents.

Before he died, former Boris Berezovsky’s team-mate and Aeroflot former deputy director Nikolay Glushkov was going to provide the London Court with the information on the airlines’ alliance with Russian intelligence services, reports The Wall Street Journal with reference to judicial documents.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Glushkov also told his friends about Aeroflot links with the Federal Security Service (FSB). The WSJ also refers to Maria Litvinenko’s (a widow of the FSB officer Aleksander Litvinenko poisoned in London) words. In her words, Mr. Litvinenko told her that Aeroflot had been helping intelligence services in transporting illegal cargo and transferring money to agents around the world since the Soviet period.

The WSJ states that Glushkov’s words were committed to paper in judicial documents albeit he didn’t manage to testify publicly. From the former Aeroflot deputy director’s testimonies, it follows that the company’s 3 thousand out of 15 thousand employees used to work for intelligence services during the 1990s.

Glushkov was found dead in his house in London, on March 12, 2018. The Scotland Yard’s theory is that the former Aeroflot deputy director was murdered. On March 16, the Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case into his murder. However, the London authorities refused to carry out bilateral interdepartmental consultation with the Russian investigators.

The murdered used to accuse Russian authorities of Boris Berezovsky’s death. In 2013, Glushkov stated that two Russians had attempted to poison him. The British investigators are checking this theory.

Nikolay Glushkov took the office of the Aeroflot deputy director in 1996. Before that, he was a head of AvtoVAZ financial department. Beginning 1989 and up through 1991, he was a deputy director of Boris Berezovsky’s LogoVAZ. In March 2017, the Moscow’s Savelovsky Court accused Glushkov in absentia of theft of 22 million rubles ($330 thousand) from Aeroflot during 1996-1999 period and sentenced him to 8 years of imprisonment and a million rubles ($15 thousand) fine.



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