Adultery emerges in Boris Nemtsov case

Adultery emerges in Boris Nemtsov case
Photo: Anatoly Zhdanov / Kommersant

The wife of one of the defendant’s was interrogated during the session.

As expected, the questioning of the two, maybe the key witness – the former second commander of the internal troops regiment battalion North Ruslan Geremeyev and his nephew Artur Geremeyev – at the trial for the murder of Boris Nemtsov has failed: law enforcement officers still have not managed to establish the whereabouts of both. However, yesterday's session at the Moscow District Military Court still got very tense. The wife of the accused Khamzat Bakhaev, Galina Guseva, with whom the Chechen entered into marriage being already under arrest, was questioned. The discussion of their family life led to a conflict between the Prosecutor and the lawyer, and she told the witness that she had accepted the new husband’s six children as her owns, and had never been interested in what happened to his ex-wife.

At yesterday's session, for questioning as witnesses, as it was previously reported by Kommersant, Ruslan and Artur Geremeev were summoned. However, their appearance was not particularly expected. As we know, the Investigative Committee officers attempted to question the former battalion commander during the investigation, however, when in August 2015 the representatives of the Chechen Interior Ministry came to Geremeev’s parents to deliver the subpoena for their son, they did not open the door. Artur Geremeev’s location is also unknown to the security officials. Therefore, when at the beginning of the court session, the secretary informed the presiding judge Yuri Zhitnikov that the Geremeevs did not turn up, the other witnesses were interrogated.

The interrogation of the Khamzat Bakhaev’s wife Galina Guseva was of particular interest. She said that she met Bakhaev in September 2010, but entered into marriage with him only on June 1, 2016, when he was already in jail. The witness said that on the day of the murder of Boris Nemtsov, February 27, 2015, she was at work in the capital, and her husband was in a village of Kozino near Moscow, where they lived together with Bakhaev’s six children from his first marriage. Late in the evening of February 27, according to Guseva, her husband met her picked her up near the Kuntsevskaya metro station, from where they drove home. Meanwhile, it is to be recalled that Boris Nemtsov was killed on the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge between 23:30 and 23:40. When the prosecutor Maria Semenenko asked what Khamzat Bahaev was doing throughout the day February 27 the witness said: "Was preparing for our meeting."

Galina Guseva also said that she accepted Khamzat Bakhaeva’s children "as a family", and they call her mother. In turn, the witnesses’ own daughter called the defendant father. The fate of the former spouse of the defendant, Kheda Bakhaeva, as Guseva said, "never interested" her.

The questioning of the witness led to a conflict between the prosecutor Alexey Lvovich and the lawyer Zaurbek Sadahanov. The defender did not like the tone with which the prosecutor asked Guseva, how often she visited Chechnya (the woman said she did not remember). An exchange of remarks on the raised tones followed, which was stopped by the presiding judge, who promised to apply the measures of influence for violation of the order of the court hearing in accordance with Article 258 of the CCP to the disputants. Meanwhile, the conflict has led to Galina Guseva’s unwellness, after which an ambulance was called.

Then, Guseva’s own daughter, whose testimony did not differed from her mother’s, was questioned. She also confirmed that she did not know anything about the fate of the stepfather’s former wife. Meanwhile, according to law enforcement, she disappeared after her divorce from her husband. According to security officials, Khamzat Bahaev allegedly insisted on a divorce after genetic examination has established that the seventh child born by Kheda Bakhaeva, was not from him. After that, he and his six children left. But the whereabouts of his ex-wife are not even known to her relatives.

The lawyer Vadim Prokhorov who represents the interests of Nemtsov’s daughter Zhanna – the victim in case – after the yesterday's court session told Kommersant that he would seek a compulsory delivery of Ruslan Geremeev, whom the lawyer himself considers as the organizer of the, crime to the court. "But we understand that this appearance may never take place – admitted Prokhorov – therefore, we hope that the court will be able to interrogate the commander of the regiment North Alibek Delimkhanov, under whom Ruslan Geremeev served.



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