Actor Panin to be sued for incitement to hatred 

Actor Panin to be sued for incitement to hatred

After publications, the actor deleted the post about hatred of the motherland and published how he would like to visit “sweet Butovo.”

Lawyer Alexander Sergeev filed a statement with the Investigative Committee demanding to bring actor Alexey Panin to criminal responsibility for incitement to hatred towards Russians, the Mash Telegram channel reports. Earlier, the actor published an Instagram post about his hatred of Russia, where he compared it with North Korea. Later, Panin published the post with the opposite opinion - about the love of country and the desire to return home.

“Russia is a dirty, criminal, homophobic country where people hate each other, and everyone around them and nothing will ever change,” Panin wrote.

According to him, Russians are perceived as savages, and most citizens have 'cheese' instead of a brain. The actor wrote that Russia and the DPRK are two countries where he would not like to return. At the same time, he expressed his opinion about the participation of the Russian Federation in the Second World War: “We captured Poland, bombed Finland and were about to attack Germany together with Hitler in 1939!"

After the hype in the media, the actor deleted the post and published a new one.

“I want to go home to Russia asap! I'm tired of these palm trees, this vile sea! I want to go to my native Moscow, to sweet Butovo or Mitino! I want to see the happy and joyful faces of compatriots! These Spaniards pissed me off!” it is said in the message.


Lawyer Sergeev considered himself insulted and filed a petition with the investigating authorities. “I suffered morally,” the applicant explained.


In the case of an offense committed under part 1 of Article. 282 of the Criminal Code (Incitement of Hatred or Hostility, as well as the Humiliation of Human Dignity), the culprit will be brought to administrative responsibility.



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