Accused of terrorism told about FSB secret prison 

Accused of terrorism told about FSB secret prison
Accused in the organization of the terrorist attack in the metro of St. Petersburg Abror Azimov

Presumably, the place where the detainees on suspicion of terrorism were tortured prior to official detention is located in the southwest of the Moscow region.⁠

The accused in terrorism told about the secret prison of the FSB, in which they were tortured prior to official detention. The brothers Abror and Akram Asimovs, suspected of organizing a terrorist act in the metro of St. Petersburg, stated this in the complaint to the European Human Rights Council. According to Republic, Islam Khamzhuev and Mansur Edilbiev, who were convicted for attempting to undermine Sapsan in June 2011, and Yusup Temerhanov, who was found guilty of the murder of Colonel Yuri Budanov, claimed the same. In addition, two unnamed sources of the edition, familiar with the investigation of terrorism cases, also told about the existence of the secret prison.

According to Abror Azimov, he was detained already the day after the terrorist attack, on April 4. When he was going to leave for Ukraine, his car was detained by police officers and ordered to proceed to the Naro-Fominsk branch. However, on the way to the car, unknown people attacked him, handcuffed him, put a bag on his head and took somewhere. After about 40 minutes, he found himself in the basement, where he was handcuffed to a pipe and tortured with electricity and water, imitating drowning. In this cell he was kept for about two weeks. During this time, his brother Akram Azimov, who was taken from a hospital in the Kyrgyz city of Osh, was transferred to the secret prison on April 15, and then brought to Moscow.

In the basement there was another prisoner, who came from Syria and is a suicide bomber, Azimov said. After the torture, the detainees signed confessions.

Abror Azimov was detained on April 4, but the date of official detention is April 17. On that day he was taken to a place for detention and handed a bag with a military grenade.

Other detainees on charges of terrorism also told about the basement in an unknown place where they were tortured. They describe the secret prison the same way: the place is located, most likely outside the city, in the basement there are several cameras from 2 to 6 square meters, above the level of the knees is a pipe to which they are chained.

The publication emphasizes that it can not be said that the men who have been working in the FSB. Several of them, in conversation with the accused, said that they had resigned. However, then the alleged terrorists were handed over to FSB officers, who conducted official detentions.

Предположительное место "секретной тюрьмы"

Location of the alleged secret prison

Republic writes that the building where the torture took place may not be related to the special services. Presumably, this place is in the southwest of the Moscow region. The FSB and the ICR did not respond to the request of the publication.



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