Absolution to Makhachkala mayor’s son surprised lawyers

Absolution to Makhachkala mayor’s son surprised lawyers
Mayor of Makhachkala Moussa Musayev

The defendants in causing violence to police officers are usually condemned to rather long prison terms, the lawyers interviewed by journalists noted.

The verdict of acquittal pronounced to Makhachkala mayor’s son Badrudin Musayev accused of an attack on a police officer surprised lawyers. Thus, the lawyers interviewed by Caucasian court cited as an example terms of persons involved in Bolotnaya Square case, who were accused of the same article.

In particular, lawyer Nadezhda Yermolaeva said that the accused of the crime under part 2 of Art. 318 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (use of violence to an authority), can get up to ten years of imprisonment.

“On a twist of fate, in one of the cases [Bolotnaya Square case] a law enforcement authority claimed in court that he had a broken finger on a hand and that he was subjected to sufferings. Respectively, defendants of the Bolotnaya Square case got long terms of imprisonment and are only being released now”, Yermolaeva said, adding that if the court of appeal leaves Musayev’s sentence without changes, then the son of the official will have the right for rehabilitation for illegal criminal prosecution.

At the same time, lawyer Rasoul Kadiyev assumed that the highest authority can cancel the verdict of acquittal to Musayev. “Here the most important is how the Supreme Court will behave. The Supreme Court decides whether it [sentence] will become effective or not”, Kadiyev told.

The editor-in-chief of RIA Derbent noted that the public expected that “there will be some kind of punishment”. According to him, the verdict of acquittal to Musayev – “is surprising”.

“Powers, more influential, than the Ministry of Internal Affairs and justice, were connected to Musayev's case and this has led to the result which was testified by court”, the journalist assumed.

As the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, on September 12 the Soviet regional court of Makhachkala acquitted Badrudin Musayev behind closed doors. According to the investigators, the official's son in May 2016 was drifting on Mersedes-Benz car in front of police officers. After that, the pursuit began. When the son of the city's mayor was finally stopped, he, together with his friends started a fight with law enforcement officers. Injuries which he put to the police officer are evaluated as moderate severity. Musayev was accused of part 2 Art. 318 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (use of violence to the authority) and article 319 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (insult of the authority).

The prosecutor's office demanded five years of a colony for the mayor's son. The supervising department already declared that it intended to appeal against the verdict.



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