Abdula Dzhamalhanov who blacklisted CrimeRussia evading responsibility for fatal accident

Abdula Dzhamalhanov who blacklisted CrimeRussia evading responsibility for fatal accident
Abdula Dzhamalhanov

No criminal case on the accident that occurred at the end of 2016 has been initiated against the now former investigator, although his guilt had been proven by surveillance videotape.

New details surfaced concerning the deadly accident caused by Abdul Dzhamalhanov, the notorious investigator of the Investigative Committee’s Main Directorate for Moscow. On December 29, Dzhamalhanov was driving a Mercedes ML SUV along Leninsky Prospekt at high speed, when he knocked down a woman to death. She was 56-year-old Muscovite Marianna Baranova, an emergency doctor, who was returning home after her shift.

It is to be recalled that a foreign car driven by 32-year-old Dzhamalhanov had a license plate with the letter combination SKR (Investigative Committee of Russia). According to the information available, the car belongs to the culprit’s friend. Dzhamalhanov himself, as it transpired, had already been dismissed from the Investigative Committee at the time of the accident. However, this does not mean he would avoid the responsibility.

The video from the surveillance cameras in the accident area is at the disposal of law enforcement staff. After reviewing the materials, they concluded that the pedestrian was not guilty of the accident. The woman was crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing, while Dzhamalhanov saw that the yellow light lit up on the traffic lights at least 70 meters before the intersection. Nevertheless, he did not slow down as the other cars on the road did, but rather accelerated. Pressing the gas pedal he took over the passing cars, reached the pedestrian crossing at high speed when the red light was already on and knocked down the woman.

The fact that the son of the Chief Inspector of the Accounts Chamber Badrudi Dzhamalhanov (a powerful man in Chechnya) will be prosecuted transpired in mid-January, but so far this has not happened.

The CrimeRussia got to know him after he started going after our website using Roskomnadzor. He complained about the spread of personal data on June 30, 2015, but turned to the court a year later. The list of web pages that Dzhamalhanov wanted removed includes such popular resources as Komsomolskaya Pravda, Lifenews.ru, Moskovsky Komsomolets, MediaZona, Infox, and many others. In total, 55 sources were blacklisted. However, Roskomnadzor blocked only The CrimeRussia from the entire list.

Obviously, what ex-investigator Dzhamalhanov meant by the "personal data" was the fact that he is known as a party animal from among the golden youth or rogue policeman, who, using his official position, literally terrorized some Moscow businessmen, taking decisions on carrying out searches in dozens of firms and banks on minor criminal cases.

Earlier, Abdula Dzhamalhanov already managed to get away with a shooting in a Moscow Karaoke restaurant. During the conflict with a visitor he shot his opponent and fled the scene on Lexus GS 300. The ICR investigated the incident, but there is no information about whether Dzhamalhanov became the person of interest in the criminal case or whether he was punished.

Now, as we know, at least the incident became a pretext for his dismissal from the ICR. However, judging by the fact that he drives around Moscow in a car belonging to a former coworker, he did not lose his ties there. And, obviously, once again, he is trying to "play things cool."



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