А321 passenger denies version of bird caught in engine

А321 passenger denies version of bird caught in engine

After takeoff, the aircraft began to behave “incorrectly.”

One of the passengers of A321 that made an emergency landing in a cornfield doubted that the cause of the incident was a bird that got into the engine of the plane.

“This was definitely a malfunction of the aircraft, because it began to behave incorrectly immediately after takeoff: some kind of crack sound appeared, it was very noisy,” Life cites the passenger.

The passenger also stated that immediately after takeoff, his son noticed sparks in the liner's engine. According to him, a pop was heard, and a flame appeared.

To recall, on August 15, pilots of the Ural Airlines Damir Yusupov and Georgy Murzin landed the plane immediately after its takeoff from the Moscow region’s Zhukovsky airport due to engine failure. Preliminary version indicates that birds got into both engines.

After the publication of the full transcript of the negotiations, it became known that the collision with the birds occurred during take-off, and the first engine failed after a few minutes. Prior to this, dispatchers warned pilots about birds.



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