"A priori lawful": MIA Deputy Head comments policemen's actions on detention of boy reading poetry in Moscow centre

"A priori lawful": MIA Deputy Head comments policemen's actions on detention of boy reading poetry in Moscow centre
Detention of a boy on Arbat

Igor Zubov raised the issue of introducing the institution of 'presumption of trust' to the MIA staff in connection with the scandalous story.⁠

Deputy Interior Minister Igor Zubov said that police officers, who detained the boy reading the poetry on the Arbat, were acting rightfully. In addition, Zubov called for introducing a 'presumption of trust' to law enforcement officers, whose actions are "a priori considered lawful."

"We raise the issue of introducing the institution of the presumption of trust to police officers. When his/her actions are a priori considered lawful and then it could be proven in court or otherwise order that he/she has acted incorrectly and exceeded his/her authority. And if he/she makes legitimate demands, any citizen must fulfill them. Obliged!" he said at a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security.

Zubov stressed that every person should take obedience to police demands with mother's milk.

As the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, on May 26, a 9-year-old child was detained on Vozdvizhenka Street next to the Khudozhestvenny movie theater, while reciting Shakespeare's Hamlet. The boy was suspected of begging and homelessness. Law enforcement officers decided to take the child to the Arbat Internal Affairs Department to establish his parents. The stepmother of the child, Kristina Skavronsky, who was present at the same time and filmed everything on the camera, tried to prevent detention, but introduced herself as a neighbor – the police do not trust her. As later told the father of a minor Ilya Skavronsky, the child has performed on the street not for the first time, but before it did not cause complaints from the police. The video of detention Kristina Skvaronsky published on the Internet, the video caused a wide public response and condemnation of the police. The next day, the ICR announced that it was starting its own audit of what had happened. At the same time, the department decided to check both the work of the police and the actions of the stepmother, who, as noted, may contain the offense under a criminal article on an Attack on a Law Enforcement Officer (Art. 318).

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that Ilya Skavronsky is accused of non-fulfillment of parental responsibilities. The stepmother of the child, who looked after him on the street and tried to prevent detention, faces arrest for 15 days for not complying with the lawful demands of policemen.



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