A new mystery of Skripals’ attackers: trace from handcuffs detected on Boshirov’s hand

A new mystery of Skripals’ attackers: trace from handcuffs detected on Boshirov’s hand
Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov

Social networks bandy about the interview of Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov. The ground is a mysterious red band, which can be seen on Boshirov's left wrist. Some users of the Russian Internet segment think that this could be a trace from handcuffs.

One of the users of the social network Facebook, who claims to have worked for some time in one of the pre-trial detention centers, writes that he has watched the video several times and came to the conclusion that there is the trace from the handcuffs on Boshirov's hand.

The following arguments lead to this version. Both are dressed out of the weather - in sweaters, and even in jackets. Petrov continually hides hands under the table during the interview, only at the beginning he uses his right, but the wrist is not visible under the sleeve. The handcuffs could be used to chain a person during transportation. The coercive treatment of attacker could also explain their disappearance from social networks after the UK published their photos and their words that all life is broken. And, even, their interview with the large western audience channel. Also, if you look at other photos of handcuffs’ traces, it is possible to find similar pictures. And the brightness of the bruise is fully explained by the ‘freshness’ of the use of special equipment.

Opponents of this theory give a more straightforward explanation - a red string is tied on the arm of Boshirov - a common talisman against the evil eye. The argument that the siloviki is not inherent in wearing such things smashes down - Attorney General Yuri Chaika wears it.



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