“A group of Chechen natives had offered ‘cover’ to the businessman.” What is deputy of Kadyrov’s Envoy doing in Crimea? 

“A group of Chechen natives had offered ‘cover’ to the businessman.” What is deputy of Kadyrov’s Envoy doing in Crimea?
Murad Saidov is well-known in narrow circles Photo: The CrimeRussia

The police detained Murad Saidov, Deputy Envoy of the Chechen Republic to Crimea, in Vstrecha (Meeting) Restaurant in Saki, Crimea. Together with a dozen other Chechen natives, Saidov has battered businessman Ibragim Aliev. The brawl occurred because the entrepreneur had refused to transfer a share in his business to Saidov. Munitions and several firearms, including a golden Makarov pistol, were seized from the assailants. The CrimeRussia performed its own inquest into the incident and biography of Murad Saidov (Sutu). It turned out that he had assisted the Islamist rebels during the Chechen Wars, was the leader of an ethnic gang in Zaporizhia, run a business in Grozny, and finally settled in Crimea.

Chechen redistribution in Crimea

The police arrived at Vstrecha (Meeting) Restaurant after an anonymous call and found there a dozen armed Chechen natives beating their fellow countryman. According to available information, the natives of the Caucasus had a conflict over some assets, including Yuzhnaya (Southern) Hotel located in Nikolaevka, Simferopol district: Yuzhnaya (Southern) Corporation belonging to Ibragim Aliev is registered there at 40 Naberezhnaya street.

Crimean journalist Aleksander Talipov describes the incident as follows: “A group of Chechen natives had allegedly offered ‘cover’ to a businessman. After his refusal, they started battering him. The leader of the detained group claims to be either an assistant to Kadyrov in Crimea or advisor to his Envoy to Crimea. The arrested persons had firearms and even a golden pistol”.


Detained people

According to available information, Aliev also owns cash machines used for replenishment of QIWI wallets – and Saidov had allegedly demanded him to pay monthly ‘levies’ in the amount of 1 million rubles ($15.2 thousand). In other words, the newly-arrived natives of the Caucasus put pressure on a Chechen businessman who had settled in Crimea long ago. The victim currently remains in the hospital in serious condition: he has a haemophthalmia, his jaw and nose are broken, and almost all teeth knocked out. 

избитый Алиев.jpg

Businessman Aliev after a squabble with fellow countrymen   

In total, 11 men of Caucasian descent were detained; the majority of them have later been released without charges; operative actions are carried out against others. The most influential person among the detainees is Saidov.


Operatives seized the car with Moscow license plates belonging to Saidov   

Envoy’s ID 

Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of the Chechen Republic, has already reacted to the incident and noted that the seized weapons are traumatic and licensed. Kadyrov was surprised: What’s wrong? Millions of Russians possess traumatic and hunting firearms. However, the police officers involved in the operation claim that the detained Chechens had combat pistols.



Ramzan Kadyrov has also emphasized that both parties of the conflict – Murad Saidov and Ibragim Aliev – knew each other for a long time, had business relations, and their conflict has escalated in relation to a business dispute. He also said that detained Saidov is not a Deputy Envoy – but an unsalaried assistant to the Envoy (i.e. he does not have an official status).


However, The CrimeRussia obtained an official service ID of Murad Saidov signed by Isa Khachkuraev, Envoy of the Chechen Republic to Crimea, and stating that Saidov is a Deputy Envoy not only to Crimea - but to Sevastopol as well.


Без имени-1.jpg



Next to the photo of Saidov, it is printed in large font: “Head of the Chechen Republic”. This supposedly indicates some closeness to the republican head. Perhaps, Ramzan Akhmetovich Kadyrov was unaware of this and the ID is fake? 

They had a conflict – things happen 

Kadyrov promised to “resolve” the conflict “justly and in strict accordance with the law” and entrusted this mission to Isa Khachkuraev, Envoy of the Chechen Republic to Crimea, and Adam Delimkhanov, a Deputy of the State Duma.

Удостоверение копия.jpg

Service ID of Murad Saidov

Delimkhanov has immediately announced that the conflict within a group of Chechen natives in Saki had “a purely mundane nature”, and the parties are ready to reconcile. Things happen... He has also emphasized that Envoy Khachkuraev is closely collaborating with the law enforcement authorities to settle this matter as soon as possible.

However, according to some information, Murad Saidov may be charged with abduction: the investigation established that Aliev was forcibly kept in the restaurant sauna. It became known that the victim used to pay monthly ‘levies’ in the amount of 100 thousand rubles ($1.5 thousand) to Saidov – but then Saidov decided that this sum was insufficient and multiplied it by ten.


The Head of the Chechen Republic instructed Adam Delimkhanov to gain insight into the conflict between Chechen natives in Crimea   

Adam Delimkhanov, in turn, called all information published by the media inconsistent with the reality and provocative.

Squabbles between Chechen natives in Saki are not coincidental

In the meantime, it was reported on the Internet that Murad Saidov had allegedly served in Vostok (East) Battalion, participated in the Donbass War, and his personal data are available on Mirotvorets Ukrainian Kiev-based web site blocked in Russia. But The CrimeRussia was unable to locate a person with this name on Mirotvorets.


Personal information of Murad Saidov cannot be located on Mirotvorets web site   

This means that Murad Saidov hadn’t participated in the Donbass War; however, it cannot be ruled out that he was a member of a Chechen organized criminal group operating in Zaporizhia as some media claim.

The CrimeRussia found out that Murad Saidov, who has a service ID of a Deputy Envoy of Kadyrov to Crimea, is also known as Sutu.

According to operative information provided by the Crimean law enforcement authorities, Saidov is a native of Grozny. He used to live in Michurina township and still has a home there. His brother Vakha Saidov was an active member of a rebel group led by Arabian mercenary Emir Khattab and received in the late 1990s training in bombing and explosives in Kavkaz (Caucasus) terrorist training camp located in the former pioneer camp in Serzhen’-Yurt, Shali district, Chechnya. Since the beginning of the second Chechen campaign, Murad Saidov had supported the Chechen rebels and provided financial assistance to them via his brother. He was also involved in the transportation of wounded Chechen rebels to Ukraine, including then-Ukrainian Crimea. 

It is necessary to note that the quarrels between natives of Chechnya in Saki are not coincidental. Saki is a famous international mud therapy resort with numerous sanatoriums specializing in rehabilitation of people with gunshot wounds and skeletal traumas.




Saki resort city

The above-mentioned activities of brothers Saidov coincided in time with the presidency of Leonid Kuchma – who had authorized the recuperation of wounded soldiers of Dzhokhar Dudayev and Aslan Maskhadov in Saki. Mustafa Dzhemilev, Leader of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (currently prohibited in Russia), had supported this process by all means and encouraged the Chechen natives to settle in Crimea. There were plenty of weddings between recovered Chechen rebels and Crimean Tatar women in that period. As a result, a so-called ‘Wahhabite cluster’ has emerged between Yevpatoria (located a few kilometers from Saki) and Tankovoe township not far from Sevastopol. Its residents took roots in resort and commercial structures of the Saki and adjacent districts. For instance, battered businessman Aliev has settled in Mikhailovka village, Saki district after the Chechen Wars.    

Ukrainian trace

In other words, in the 1990s, Murad Saidov had been living between the two countries and spent plenty of time in the Zaporizhia region of Ukraine where he was the leader of an ethnic gang. Reportedly, he has even spent a few years in jail. After his release in 2015, Sutu returned to Grozny and launched Piramida (Pyramid) Restaurant on Mayakovskogo street. The nightspot offered sexual services rendered by girls trafficked by Saidov from Ukraine (mostly from Zaporizhia). In the same year, he has helped two Chechen rebels put on the federal wanted list for especially grievous crimes – Shamil’ Barudinovich Khatuev (Rustam) and Yakub Abasovich Akhmadov – to escape. Both of them had participated in the attack on Grozny on August 21, 2004 that claimed lives of more than 60 law enforcement officers. 

According to available information, in 2009, a conflict has escalated between Murad Saidov and the chief escort of Ramzan Kadyrov. As a result, Saidov had to close Piramida Restaurant and flee from Chechnya. Up until the reintegration of Crimea, he had resided in Zaporizhia. 

In August 2013, Saidov was suspected of attempted assassination of Evgeny Anisimov (Anisim), the overseer of Zaporizhia. Two killers gunned down his car with submachine guns and fled the scene. Anisim was not hurt. Argumenty (Arguments) Ukrainian web portal had named Murad Saidov among the suspects in that crime. 

Reportedly, Saidov is a relative of Ruslan Tapaev – who has smuggled three grenades to the Nikopol District Court in the Dnepropetrovsk region on November 30, 2017. As a result, Tapaev and a person suspected of the murder of his son Rizvan committed in winter 2016 were killed. Tapaev senior failed to activate his ‘Shaheed belt’.


Ruslan Tapaev, supposedly, a relative of Saidov, blasted the Nikopol District Court   

In 2014, Saidov has settled in Saki. Chechen thief-in-law Gilani Aliev (Sedoi (Grey Haired)) assisted him in taking roots there. According to some information, Saidov was introduced to Deputy Adam Delimkhanov in that period.


Chechen thief-in-law Gilani Sedoi

The recent incident in Saki is not the first such episode involving Deputies of the Chechen Envoy to Crimea. For instance, a mass brawl between Chechens and Crimean Tatars with the use of cold weapons, firearms, daggers, and baseball bats has occurred on December 18, 2018 in Simferopol – not far from Atan fueling station on Sevastopolskaya street. The leader of the Crimean Tatars was Timur Krymbariev, a Deputy of the Alushta Municipal Council from Edinaya Rossia (United Russia) Party, believed to be a trusted aide of Ruslan Bal’bek, a Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The Chechen group was led by Salambek Sagaipov, a Deputy of the Chechen Envoy to Crimea. Some ‘people of Kadyrov’, including Salambek Sagaipov, were wounded in that skirmish. The brawl occurred in relation to the Simferopol Market – the newly-arrived Chechen natives had tried to seize it and allegedly put a Crimean Tatar man ‘on a clock’.

Overall, criminal news involving Chechen natives are becoming pretty ordinary in Crimea. It can’t be ruled out that the squabble between Saidov and Aliev in the Saki restaurant was reported to the police by Crimean Tatars out of revenge. It is also known that, a day before the incident in Saki, the police have raided Mechta (Dream) Hotel in Feodosia and Beregovoe township and recorded ID information of several Chechen natives residing there.



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