A Bloody turf war amid the graves of the Khovanskoye Cemetery 

A Bloody turf war amid the graves of the Khovanskoye Cemetery
On May 14th at the Khovanskoye Cemetery between 200 to 400 people took part in a mass brawl

3 people were killed and 40 wounded as a result of the ethnic massacre.

The Presnensky Court of Moscow has commenced to hear the investigation’s first procedural requests on the arrest of the detainees of mass brawl that took place on May 14th on the territory of the Moscow Khovanskoye Cemetery. Overall, more than 110 people were detained by the police. Most of them are citizens of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, as well as of Chechnya and Dagestan. Three Tajikistani citizens –Sukhrob Khushakov, Inoyat Rizove and Saynuriddeen Sobirov–died of their injuries.

Upon the given incident, the Embassy of Tajikistan sent a note to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting them to take all necessary measures for the protection of the rights and interests of their citizens.

Meanwhile, information emerged that amongst the detainees there was a Russian policeman. Nikita Moshenko is currently a discharged employee of the Patrol-Guard Service of the Police of the Department of Russian MIA of the Khamovniki District of Moscow. He was stopped by his colleagues when exiting the cemetery, but Moshenko put up a fierce fight against them and even used a stun gun on one of them.


His implication in the brawl is also subject of investigation.

Within the framework of the operative investigative activities, the administration of the Khovanskoye Cemetery was raided and the financial documents were seized. The director of the Khovanskoye Cemetery has been dismissed, however, it is said that he was the first to inform the law enforcement about the gunfire that started amidst the graves.

As a reminder, on May 14th at the Khovanskoye Cemetery a mass massacre took place, in which, according to preliminary estimates, approximately 200 to 400 people participated. Migrant workers from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan came into conflict with another ethnic criminal group from the Northern Caucasus. The reason for the brawl was a turf war. Participants of the brawl were armed with bats, crowbars and firearms. 3 people died, about 30 were wounded with varying levels of severity, including gunshot wounds. Moreover, more than 10 random Muscovites, who were visiting the graves of their loved ones, also got injured during the event and ended up in city hospitals.


Investigative authorities have initiated a criminal case under the p. 2 of the art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter –CCRF) –“Homicide of two or more persons committed by a group of individuals in collusion”, p. 1 of the art. 222 of the CCRF –“Arms and ammunition trafficking” and p. 2 of the art. 213 of the CCRF –“Vandalism committed by a group of individuals”. The alleged initiator of this major brawl is Lechiy Yahyayev, 42, from the Astrakhan Region, who has fled the scene and has now been placed on the wanted list.

The Khovanskoye Cemetery, founded in the year 1972, is considered to be one of the biggest in Europe. The prices of various burial related services here are among the highest in the capital.


In 1997, burial of local Muslims started taking place in the Western part of the Cemetery. Many famous people from the spheres of cinematography, music, literature, science, sports and politics, as well as important military leaders have been buried here. As well as this, the Khovanskoye Cemetery became a resting place for famous Russian kingpins, notably Aslan Usoyan was buried here on January 20th, 2013.

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