88 Russian tourists died in Turkey over summer

88 Russian tourists died in Turkey over summer

Diplomats said most of the incidents had “commonplace causes."

88 tourists from Russia have died in Turkey over the past season, RIA Novosti says with reference to the Russian ambassador to Ankara, Alexei Erkhov.

The diplomat added that the embassy also detected 40 cases of medical evacuation. The ambassador associated the skyrocketed tragic incidents with an increased tourist flow since approximately 6 million Russians visited Turkey in 2018, while the 2019 figure is believed to be much higher.

Erkhov emphasized that most of the incidents have “commonplace causes." According to the diplomat, the victims mostly elderly people, who get into clinics with strokes and heart attacks caused by the abrupt climate change. There are also many fatal car accidents involving Russian tourists.

On September 2, a Rosstat report stated that Turkey was on top of the list of Russian tourists’ favorite destinations. Finland came second and Kazakhstan third.

The past month has seen several reports of the deaths of Russians in Turkey, all of them children. A12-year-old girl drowned in a hotel pool, when her hand got sucked into a pump. A 16-year-old Krasnoyarsk girl died in Antalya Hospital after she got there with acute appendicitis. Another teenage girl drowned in the pool of a water park.

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