8 stab wounds found on body of Tatarstan Health Minister Deputy

8 stab wounds found on body of Tatarstan Health Minister Deputy
Elena Shishmareva

The preliminary inference suggests Elena Shishmareva, who was under house arrest on suspicion of abuse of authority and fraud, committed suicide.

Eight stab wounds were discovered on the body of the Deputy Minister of Health of Tatarstan, Elena Shishmareva, who was found dead the day before in her own house in the village of Stolbishche, Laishevsky district of the republic, REN-TV informs. On February 3, the court sentenced Shishmareva to house arrest on suspicion of exceeding official authority and fraud worth 5 million rubles ($86.6 thousand). 

As reported by the media outlet Chelny24, until February 7, no investigative actions were carried out in relation to the official. On the day of her death she was to appear for questioning at the Investigative Committee. However, Shishmareva never came to the federal department at the appointed time and stopped answering calls. The woman did not have an electronic bracelet, since there was no time to give it to her. 

The investigators asked Shishmareva's son to find out what was wrong. The man came to the mother's house after 15 o'clock on February 7 and found her body in the bathhouse. Serious knife wounds in the neck caused the official’s death. The experts believe she has cut herself. A death note was not found at the place of death of the woman. The final conclusions on whether a suicide took place are to be made by experts. 

Sources in the law enforcement agencies noted that no pressure was exerted on the woman, reports Realnoe Vremya (Real Time). 

The court placed Elena Shishmareva under house arrest on February 3. She is suspected of exceeding authority and fraud worth 5 million rubles ($86.6 thousand). According to the investigation, Shishmareva lobbied the interests of the educational center Institution of Advanced Training Progress ANCO, helmed by her friend Elena Fakhrutdinova. In particular, all employees of medical institutions affiliated the Ministry of Health of Tatarstan, were trained in Progress. Budget funds allocated for staff training came to the account of Fakhrutdinova’s individual enterprise. From 2015 to 2017, upwards of 300 contracts worth over 8 million rubles ($138.3 thousand) were signed. 5 of them were found on the accounts of the Head of Progress. At the trial, Shishmareva did not admit her guilt, but agreed to cooperate with the investigation.



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