8 injured in mass brawl involving drug traffickers in Ingushetia 

8 injured in mass brawl involving drug traffickers in Ingushetia

A volunteer group was following a criminal and got fired at.

In Nazran, members of Antilirika06Nazran volunteer group were attacked when the activists were watching a man suspected of drug trafficking. During the fight, the volunteers were fired at; eight people got injuries, according to the online newspaper Ingushetia.

The volunteer group is fighting drug crime. It was created in 2018 on the basis of the youth council of the Nazran administration. The group has 25 activists in it.

Over the period of its existence, the volunteers have seized more than 2 thousand units of illegal drugs, working around the clock. Over the past three months, the activists have identified about 100 drug dealers, seized more than a thousand pieces of tropicamide, 800 blisters of “Lyrica”, 30 matchboxes of marijuana, and 200 g of the synthetic drug “salt”, Ingushetia says.



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