$592 spent on preparation of attack by Kerch shooter

$592 spent on preparation of attack by Kerch shooter
Vladislav Roslyakov Photo: social networks

It is unclear where all that money came from.

‘Kerch shooter’ Vladislav Roslyakov could spend about 39 thousand rubles ($592) on the preparation of the attack on his college, BBC journalists counted. It is unclear where all that money came from, taking into account that the 18-year old Roslyakov didn’t have a job. 

The media earlier reported that Roslyakov had received a license for obtaining arms. Dubrovnik pistol club said that studying that accompanies receiving of license costs 6.5 thousand rubles (roughly $100). With that, it was noted that Roslyakov didn’t visit their classes.

Preliminary medical check including drug test is a must for receiving of license. It costs 1193 rubles ($18) in Kerch psycho-neurological centre. A certificate that says you’re not registered with drug rehabilitation or psychiatric institutions costs 30 rubles (roughly half a dollar). Psychotropic substances test costs 865 rubles ($13). Roslyakov had to go through all these stages and spent 2091 rubles ($31) to get the license. 

Rosgvardia (Federal National Guard Troops Service) tax as to receiving license for obtaining arms costs extra 2 rubles ($30). One can not get the license without paying for a special safe where weapons are supposed to be kept. The cheapest safe would cost you 3 thousand rubles ($35), reported  Gleb Obukhovsky, a chairman of the All-Russian Society for owners of civil weapons.

Thus, in order to have the opportunity to buy weapons, Roslyakov had to pay at least 13.5 thousand rubles ($205). The rifle itself - Turkish Hatsan - cost about 20  thousand rubles ($305). Moreover, according to the media, Roslyakov bought 150 bullets. A 10 bullets pack would cost 360 rubles ($5). Thus, additional 5400 rubles ($82) were spent on ammunition. The overall expenses on the preparation of the attack amounted to at least 38900 rubles ($591). 

According to available information, Vladislav Roslyakov didn’t have a paid job. The scholarship at a college in Crimea is worth about 500 rubles ($7). The shooter’s mother worked as a nurse in Kerch cancer center. His father’s salary is unknown. Average wages in Crimea in the first half of 2018 were 28.7 thousand rubles ($436), reports Rosstat (Russian Federal State Statistics Service). It is unknown where Roslyakov took the money on purchasing weapons from. 

Vladislav Roslyakov carried out shooting and explosion at the Kerch polytechnic college on October 17. 20 persons died, and more than 50 were injured following the incident. After the attack, Roslyakov committed suicide. Criminal case for mass murder (item 2 of article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) is opened. 

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