$51.9m-worth Tatfondbank property to set for auction

$51.9m-worth Tatfondbank property to set for auction

This sum includes shares, lands, cars and offices.⁠

As Kommersant reports, the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) published a report on the valuation of the property of the bankrupt Tatfondbank. Based on the documents, the total amount of the company's assets is estimated at 3 billion rubles ($51.9m). At the same time, most of this money is accounted for by shares in various companies.

In addition to the shares in the bank's ownership, there were 105 real estate objects with a total cost of 500 million rubles ($8.6m) and 84 cars, among which there are quite expensive foreign cars. The most expensive property is the central office of Tatfondbank with an area of ​​just over 5 thousand square meters 43/2, Chernyshevsky Street in Kazan. It was estimated at 133.56 million rubles. However, director of NLB-real estate Andrey Saveliev said, the central office can be sold "for two weeks." The realtor believes that 28.8 thousand rubles for the square meter is "a ridiculous price". In his opinion, taking into account the "through passage", the calculation should be based on 40-45 thousand rubles for the square meters and in general the building can cost up to 300 million rubles ($5.1m). He did not rule out the "artificial understatement" of the price of this property.

Recall that the bankrupt Tatfondbank owes its creditors 134.8 billion rubles ($2.3m) for the period August 1, 2017. Now all its property is put up for auction, bankruptcy trustee expects to receive about 3 billion rubles, although according to many experts, this is a significantly overestimated amount.

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