$5.000 lost in wager. Yamal policeman, confident of impunity, fired from bodies

$5.000 lost in wager. Yamal policeman, confident of impunity, fired from bodies
Ivan Melnikov

However, Ivan Melnikov has not been deprived of his driving license.

Ivan Melnikov, an officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Purovsky District (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region), confident of his impunity for driving while intoxicated, lost 300.000 rubles ($5.000) in a wager.

Yamal Ministry of Internal Affairs said in a press release that Melnikov had been dismissed. However, it was "an act discrediting the honor of an employee of the internal affairs bodies" that became the official reason for the dismissal. The inspectors did not have enough evidence to bring Melnikov to responsibility for driving in a state of intoxication.

"In the video, the policeman is drinking an alcoholic beverage while being behind the wheel. It is not clear whether he was driving, and at what time it was happening," Ministry of Internal Affairs commented in an interview to URA.RU.

That is why Ivan Melnikov was not deprived of his driving license.

As the CrimeRussia wrote previously, the town of Tarko-Sale watched police inspectors releasing a fellow policeman who had been driving in a supposedly intoxicated state. The eyewitnesses decided to find out the reasons for such a tolerant attitude from the perpetrator himself, filming the conversation. Melnikov said he could wager with the townspeople for 300 thousand rubles that no punishment would follow. In addition, the police officer recommended that his opponents should get a job with the law enforcement.

"Go get a job with the traffic police and you’ll be like me! What's so hard about this?" said Melnikov when asked why he had not been deprived of his driving license or even fined.

The protagonist of the scandalous video later said to the press that his opponents had been provoking him.

The local department of the Investigative Committee is to investigate the offence. The investigators are studying the personal history folder of the policeman, interrogating the people involved. The investigative bodies are likely to focus both on Melnikov and on the policemen that let him go.



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