43 yo Russian procuress sentenced to 6 years for selling 23 sex slaves to Bahrain

43 yo Russian procuress sentenced to 6 years for selling 23 sex slaves to Bahrain

In the Perm region of Russia, the court has rendered a guilty verdict to Olga Goryachikh, responsible for organizing a criminal group supplying sex slaves to Arab countries.

During the investigation and subsequent legal proceedings, the specialists found that the 43-year-old resident of Chaykovsky Olga Goryachikh is responsible for organizing a crime group supplying young women to Arab countries. Apart from her, the gang included 6 more people. The criminals would meet their future victims, creep into their favor, and offer assistance in moving abroad, promising them mountains and marvels. Then they would provide them with international passports, buy air tickets, give money to keep them going, and send to Bahrain. There they were met by members of the OCG's overseas cell and subsequently forced to engage in prostitution under the threat of physical harm.

Olga Goryachikh and her accomplices would get 1 million rubles ($17.500) each for every sexually slaved woman. The 'partners' transferred them money via Web Money electronic payment system. Subsequently, the OCG members divided the revenue among themselves.

Let us recall that, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, the law enforcers learned about the crimes committed by this group after several girls managed to escape from sexual slavery and return to Russia.

As noted by Chaykovsky Prosecutor Konstantin Kuragin, who spoke during the trial on the side of the public prosecution, women from different social groups would fall for the criminal's trick. "They are people of different social origin, level of life and mentality," the prosecutor added.

After the law enforcers detained all members of the gang, a criminal case under item с part 3 of Art. 127.1 (Human trafficking committed by an organized group) of the Russian Criminal Code was initiated against them. Since during the investigation Olga Goryachikh confessed her guilt and began assisting in the investigation, her case has been severed from other charges.

Given that she had previously been convicted of complicity in robbery and incitement to violent acts of a sexual nature, the court sentenced her to 6 years of a general-regime colony with the account of the unserved part of her previous punishment. As for her accomplices, their case is currently under consideration in the Chaykovsky City Court.



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