40 million rubles are not enough for Kostroma roads 

40 million rubles are not enough for Kostroma roads
Shunga-Pasynkovo Road Photo: Photo: All-Russia People’s Front

Pothole repair of the 14-km-long Shunga-Pasynkovo Road cost the authorities a record amount of money. The struggle was vain and lasted 4 years.

The Kostroma Region Administration spent 40 million rubles to patch 14 kilometers of Shunga-Pasynkovo highway. This money would be enough for a complete reconstruction of the entire roadway. However, even after the fixing the road is still impossible to drive on with all those potholes, according to the regional branch of the All-Russia People's Front (ARPF). In 2014, 18 million rubles were allocated to repair 4.5 km of the road; in 2015, 2.5 km of the road cost 10.5 million rubles and in 2016 it was 4.9 million.

"The entire road has been repaired by patching with big and small cards; in some cases, with intervals between them not exceeding 40 or 50 meters", People’s Front said.


Roads in the village of Shunga

Residents of Petrilovo village complain that their kids could have got to Shunga school twice as fast as they do now using their school bus on the bumpy road. In addition, road workers marked a crosswalk near the school right on the sand, so it is hardly visible now, the villagers say.

Social activists appealed to the Regional Department of Education and the Kostroma Region Administration with a request to take control of the route to Shunga since it did not meet the standards of safety. The department, in turn, said that they continued repairing the Shunga-Samet section using cards and patching while the Samet-Petrilovo section is only being repaired by patching.

"All repair works that have been carried out since 2013 are still under warranty. The Kostroma District Administration should examine the condition of the roadway and require that the contractors should act pursuant to the warranty," the ARPF stated.

However, the regional authorities are not particularly doing their best to remedy the situation sooner. The Kostroma Region Governor Sergey Sitnikov, who on October 21 inspected the quality of roads, was only unhappy with the works done on the Samet-Petrilovo section. The section was repaired by LLC Dorremstroy, while the other works were performed by JSC Kostroma DEP-3 that the authorities never questioned.

"Municipal roads cause serious concerns in terms of work organization. There are cards with broken asphalt in between. We’ve been talking to the district Head and he promised he’d remedy this situation within the next few days", press service quoted the Governor Sergey Sitnikov.




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