4 girlfriends who beat and raped underage girl got 7 years of colony

4 girlfriends who beat and raped underage girl got 7 years of colony
Pregnant defendant

The girls broke into their acquaintance's apartment, beat her for several hours, and then raped her.

In the Perm Krai, a court ruled in the case of the brutal beating of a young girl by four friends, two of them have not yet reached 18 years old. The court will send all four defendants of the case to the colony, the oldest of them is 20, the youngest is 16 years old.

The girl from Prikamye last June had to endure terrible mockery and beatings. As Komsomolskaya Pravda writes, four girlfriends rushed into the apartment of the underage Alina (the name was changed by KP) and began to bully her, accusing of flirting on social networks with their familiar young man. For many hours they beat Alina, shaved her head bald, and in the end, they raped her with an extraneous object.

Having stolen valuable things, the girls disappeared. Having recovered a little, Alina went to the hospital and the police. Hot on the heels, three of them were promptly arrested, one took a written undertaking not to leave the place - she was pregnant.

The judge made the following decision to the case: two juvenile offenders will go to an educational colony for 7 years, the remaining two are sentenced to a term of 7 years and 6 months with serving a sentence in a prison of a general regime.

Moral damage in the amount of 90 to 110 thousand rubles ($1400-1700) from each was collected in favor of the victim.

Officials of the educational institution, where the convicted girls studied, were also brought to disciplinary responsibility.



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