22 Chechen natives with weapons detained in Vienna

22 Chechen natives with weapons detained in Vienna

Members of the armed 'meeting' of Chechen natives explained they have gathered for their fellow's wedding. One lead of such a cluster of armed Chechens is the criminal activity of ethnic organized crime groups.

The Vienna police has conducted a special operation to detain a group of immigrants from the Chechen Republic on the Danube island in the urban district of Floridsdorf.

According to Vienna.at, 22 people in the age between 25 and 50 have been detained; firearms ready for battle have been seized from some of them. The Austrian outlet reports about a charged gun and a submachine gun, as well as ammunition seized in the operation.

As noted by Krone newspaper, the detainees attributed the meeting to the wedding of one of them.

Several police guards have participated in the detention. It is reported that the suspects have tried to throw their arms in the snow.

The Austrian law enforcement agencies are currently conducting a preliminary investigation. As reported by the press service of the Austrian capital's police department, the Chechen natives are suspected of violating Article 246 (Subversive Operations) of the Austrian Criminal Code.

According to Minister of Internal Affairs of Austria Wolfgang Sobotka, the investigation has two leads of the armed gatherings' cause – terrorist activity or shootouts between members of an ethnic OCG. The Russian Embassy in Austria has reported that the diplomats are "closely monitoring" the situation with the detained Chechens. According to ТАSS citing Press Secretary of the Russian diplomatic mission in Austria Bulat Khaydarov, the Austrian authorities have not made any statements to the Russian Embassy, and the detainees have not attempted to contact the embassy. 



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