2 lines of cocaine. Hockey-player Kuznetsov disqualified for 4 years 

2 lines of cocaine. Hockey-player Kuznetsov disqualified for 4 years

Tests were taken from Kuznetsov after a video showing him in front of white powder was posted.

The International Ice Hockey Federation has disqualified a forward for the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League Evgeny Kuznetsov for violation of anti-doping rules. Cocaine was revealed in his doping-test. The test was taken from Kuznetsov on May 26, during the World Hockey Championship in 2019.

Then, a video that featured the Russian hockey-player emerged on the web. The video shows Kuznetsov in a hotel. There are 2 lines of white substance on the table in front of him. The caption states it’s cocaine. The professional athlete talks on the phone with someone. He says: “F***ing nothing has been changed.” With that, he points at the table and his girlfriend on the bed.

Later, the hockey player stated that he had nothing to do with the powder and the woman, and the video was made in Las Vegas after the victory of the Washington Capitals at the Stanley Cube in 2016.

“I have never in my life and career used illegal substances. Nevertheless, I want to openly apologize in front of the Washington Capitals, my teammates, our fans and everyone else for this bad situation. It was a difficult lesson for me,” Kuznetsov said. He also said he would go through any medical tests.



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