2,7 per milles of absurdity. Bribe in case of ‘drunk’ boy 

2,7 per milles of absurdity. Bribe in case of ‘drunk’ boy
The alcohol dose found in blood of the died child is too big even for an adult, physicians say Photo: The CrimeRussia

Tragic road incident in Balashikha situated near Moscow, as a result of which the six-year-old child died and the forensic medical examination recognized him drunk later, became the reason of an unprecedented resonance. The CrimeRussia finds out who needs a huge dose of alcohol in results of analyses of the died Alyosha Shimko.

The road accident, which entailed a death of the child, happened in the residential district Pavlino of the city situated near Moscow Zheleznodorozhny on April 23, 2017. 31-year-old Olga Alisova driving her car Hyundai Solaris hit Alyosha Shimko directly in the yard of his house. The boy died on the spot.

The tragedy, which turned the measured life of the quiet yard situated near Moscow upside down, happened approximately at 18:40 in the evening. More than 10 people witnessed the tragedy. At this time, in the yard, where there are three playgrounds, parents are usually walking with their children.

The CrimeRussia’s correspondent visited the scene and talked with Pavlino's inhabitants who became witnesses of the nightmare at the playground, and also a chain of the events developing directly after it.

According to eyewitnesses, after driving into the yard of Pavlino, 39 the black Solaris turned about in the deadlock of a last entrance of the house and gathering speed rapidly hit the child who was running across a carriageway from the playground to the entrance. The boy was accompanied by his grandfather who did not manage to react in time as several seconds prior to the incident he took the child's bike.


The woman driving the car, according to witnesses, was speaking on the phone. After hitting the child, she drove over him and dragged him along the car bottom for about 10 more meters. She only slowed down when people rushed to the car and began to knock on its body, demanding to stop. At this moment, the child was still alive. However, when 11 minutes later ambulance arrived at the scene, doctors verified the death of the boy, which was caused by fracture of the base of his skull and cerebral edema.


On the spot of the tragedy

The culprit of the road accident acted quite strange. After getting out of the car she, first of all, inspected the bumper and stepping aside started to call someone. Soon representatives of the emergency services arrived at the scene and after them, as residents of the house told, the leading staff of regional police, prosecutor's office and local authorities. The attention of officials and law enforcement authorities to the road accident, even such an outstanding one, was initially increased, Pavlino's inhabitants note. Besides, the traffic police officer, who was one of the first to arrive at the scene, noted that “Alisova behaves inadequately” though assumed that it could be shock’s aftereffect, and “the rest will be shown by examination”. Many witnesses also had a feeling that the woman was drunk though nobody felt a smell of alcohol.

Several regional media reported about the accident, and the traffic police of Balashikha has carried out a number of preventive actions without delay directed to increase traffic safety. It could happen that soon after that only Pavlino's inhabitants and the inconsolable family of the died child would have remembered the tragedy – a road accident with a lethal outcome today, unfortunately, is not a rarity - but one and a half months later people started talking about it again.

The results of the examination which were handed to the father of the died boy, officer of Rosgvardiya Roman Shimko on June 12, shocked not only the parents, who did not recover from a grief yet, but also independent experts with names, stars of a domestic forensic medical examination.


Alyosha Shimko

According to the conclusion of a judicial and chemical research No. 4695 signed by the chief of the department of forensic medical examination of Zheleznodorozhny district of Balashikha Mikhail Kleymenov, ethyl alcohol in the concentration of 2,7 per milles was found in the child’s blood. It corresponds to a stage of a strong alcoholic intoxication. By different estimates, depending on body weight and the level of tolerance to alcohol this amount of alcohol in an organism corresponds to from 100 to 400 grams of vodka. And in such condition, even an adult would have difficulties to move around, let alone riding a bicycle and running skipping.

The equation with a great number of unknown

By the time, when results of the expertise arrived, the story had already acquired more mysterious details. Next day after the incident, records from the surveillance cameras of the Safe City system mounted in the yard, and one of the cameras entirely – on the focus of which the accident should have got, were enigmatically gone. In the same day, according to inhabitants of the house, strangers were ‘trying to break’ doors of witnesses. Criminal case upon the incident was not initiated for more than a month – investigator, who was carrying out investigation verification, refused to initiate the case personally talking to Alyosha Shimko’s father at least four times under different pretexts. In particular, according to Roman Shimko, the investigator declared that the case is administrative, and Olga Alisova, who hit the child, would only face a maximum a penalty. Applications to the police written by Roman, prosecutor's office, and Investigative Committee, and testimonies of witnesses collected by the lawyer employed by Roman Shimko did not help the family. Only after parents of the child managed to contact deputies of LDPR and leader of the Fair Russia party Sergey Mironov, on May 26 criminal case, at last, was initiated on his deputy request.


Alyosha's father Roman Shimko

Absurd results of the forensic medical examination became public domain, and media soon found out that Olga Alisova’s husband serves sentence in maximum security penal colony for participation in an organized criminal group of ‘black realtors’, on account of which there are extortion, fraud, robberies, murders, and rape. There were rumors that the ‘crime lord’ and leader of an organized criminal group Sergey Alisov could involve his contacts to rescue his spouse from criminal prosecution.

Fuel to the fire was added by the first comment of forensic scientist Mikhail Kleymenov who declared that he did not carry out the expertise but only sent biomaterials for it to Moscow and signed the results which came from MONICA (The Moscow regional research clinical Institute of M. F. Vladimirsky).

The more and more complicated story drew the attention of the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR), which on June 15 asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs to hand the criminal case over the road accident in Balashikha to ICR. Two days later chairman of ICR Aleksander Bastrykin supported this wish with his personal order. He also declared that if the regional prosecutor's office does not allow to hand the case, this issue will be resolved at the level of Prosecutor General’s Office.

However the Ministry of Internal Affairs refused to hand the resonant case to ICR, and results of the forensic medical examination were commented personally by Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev. He assured that he would make sure that the “case will come to court”, noting that Main Investigative Directorate of General Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation across the Moscow Region is engaged in the investigation. At the same time, the Interior Minister did not call into question results of the examination, telling that he saw “on Channel One how expert Mikhail Kleymenov convincingly and with deep arguments states his point”.

‘All lie’

This phrase widely known in the quality of credo of Doctor House from the series of the same name can characterize capaciously a position of the main characters of this story from the side of culprit of road accident Olga Alisova. Expert Mikhail Kleymenov, Alisova's lawyer Natalya Kurakina and Alisova herself - all dissembled at different stages of development of the scandal.


Lawyer Natalya Kurakina

All of them made statements on camera, contradicting testimonies of numerous witnesses. And in a case of expert Kleymenov – announcements contradicting his own words.

Eventually, the Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case under Article 293 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Negligence) upon the expert conclusion with 2,7 per milles of alcohol in the child's blood. Understanding what he may face for that - state forensic scientist, who was signing the document on criminal liability before each expertise, Mikhail Kleymenov put on an expensive suit and went into public.


Expert Mikhail Kleymenov

His interviews assured and reasoned with sendings to documents on the fact that no error or substitution of biomaterials could take place in principle appeared on all possible TV channels, radio shows and pages of newspapers.

“On April 24, I carried out expertise of Alyosha Shimko. It was established that the reason of his death – injuries received as a result of a road accident. But, according to the order No. 346 N of May 12, 2010, I was obliged to carry out expertise on the presence of alcohol in the blood. Therefore I took biological samples: blood (two times) and bile. Two samples of blood were taken for different researches - one for the establishment of the blood group, another – for definition of the concentration of ethyl alcohol. Corresponding log entries were made about it. Further under my control, the samples were placed in special bottles, and then in a container for biological objects, which was sealed by my personal press. And on April 25 the container was sent to two different offices of one laboratory: judicial and chemical and judicial and biological, in Bureau of Forensic medical examination in MONICA”.

According to Kleymenov, the whole procedure of intake of biomaterials and their return from the laboratory is fixed meticulously. The position and a full name of the police officer, who carries the samples to examination are specified in accompanying documents that, according to Kleymenov, says that there can not be any forgery. However then the expert, after seeing 2,7 per milles of alcohol and ethyl aldehyde - a product of its disintegration in a live organism, according to him, “began to doubt” and appointed a molecular and genetic research, results of which showed that “both samples belong to the same person”. It should be noted that earlier the expert was talking differently and about his doubts - in a conversation with the boy's father Roman Shimko on the phone, which was recorded and posted on the Internet, Kleymenov surely and cynically says that the “results will coincide”.

Alisova’s lawyer Natalya Kurakina, according to data on the website of board Fomin and partners, where she works, “masterfully uses legal methods of identification of weak points in work of bodies of preliminary investigation and successfully applies them in practice of the defender”. She surely shows these skills in forming of defensive strategy.

At first, Kurakina told about violations in the examination and that she did not trust its results. Then she declared that the court can not ignore this fact, though, according to her, she was not going to “build the line of protection on the alcoholic intoxication of the boy”. Besides, her assessment of actions of her client right after the road accident considerably disperses with its assessments by several witnesses at once. Kurakina said that before the ambulance arrived, Alisova insisted on putting the child in her car so she could bring him to the hospital herself, but people around supposedly began to object (“We will bedraggle the interior with blood”). According to three eyewitnesses, the owner of the car was the one who was scared that the blood would bedraggle her interior.

Alisova, who at first claimed that the boy “rushed under the car” himself and even sit down, now says that she did not see him at all. Her lawyer also insists on it. Allegedly, bushes along the path on which he ran and the parked cars closed the view.


Olga Alisova

Eyewitnesses of the accident, on the contrary, claim that it was impossible not to see the child – there were few cars in the yard and the path was well viewed because there was no foliage on bushes yet. In Aleksander Gordon's talk show on Channel One Alisova acted very cynically, declaring that she speeded at no more than 20 km/h, the allowed speed in yards. However, the only video record from the camera of Pyaterochka shop opposite to which Alisova who drove into the yard was turning about shows that she goes off from the place at a speed at least by 2,5 times bigger. The video includes only the moment of gathering momentum; the accident did not get into the shot. She also lied saying that she did not run the child over by the wheels – many saw that the car ran over the boy with both front and back wheels. When physicians were in one minute of driving from the scene, Alisova, indeed as she said, tried to call the ambulance. But only after she finished talking on the phone, meanwhile other people called doctors.

False trail

It is still a mystery whom Olga Alisova called right after the accident. The version that she called directly her husband in jail - ‘crime lord’ serving the eighth year in maximum security penal colony, is improbable. And it is not clear whether he really was a leader of an organized criminal group as people say.

The convict in 2012 for extortion, kidnapping, and rape Sergey Alisov at that time was 20 years old. According to the CrimeRussia, he had no criminal records earlier and owing to early age could hardly be a ‘crime lord’. In so-called ‘Kornyakov's gang’, he was playing a supporting role and joined it shortly before its elimination.


Sergey Alisov will be released in 2020

Except for Alisov, 9 more people entered the gang, among them there were two women. Criminals traded in 'black raiding', kidnapping people and forcing them to rewrite apartments and other property to their names. One of the victims was killed, however Alisov, according to case papers, did not participate in the murder. But in 2010, when criminals found their next victim and incidentally kidnapped the lodger together with the owner, Alisov and 62-year-old Yury Kinvalov raped her (Alisov was already married on Olga by then). Meanwhile, the owner of the apartment managed to run and declare about the crime to the police. In 2012 the Moscow Regional Court sentenced participants of the gang to various terms from 6 to 23 years. Sergey Alisov received 10 years of the strict regime, he will be released in 2020. According to Olga Alisova, she told her husband about what happened on the phone, saying that she ‘will settle it by herself’. Alyosha Shimko's father also does not believe in Sergey Alisov's participation in the destiny of his wife.

Meanwhile, inhabitants of Zheleznodorozhny say that Alisova has a more powerful 'defender'. As one of the citizens told the CrimeRussia’s correspondent, Olga Alisova is in the relations with a certain official of the city administration. Repeated refusals in the initiation of legal proceedings and delays in the beginning of investigation indirectly point on possible support of an administrative resource.

And a strange incident in Pavlino at the beginning of May, which happened long before the results of the examination, suggests an idea that the line of protection of Alisova was built by her unknown patron already then. On May 7 post about the attack on a certain 14-year-old teenager in Pavlino appeared in a VK (Russian social network) group Nash Zheleznodorzhny. Allegedly a stranger forced him to drink a large amount of strange alcohol-containing liquid, putting a knife to his throat. The young man fainted at first, but then came round, but did not go to the police. However, the CrimeRussia did not manage to receive a comment of the victim – after a question statement, the young man at once limited access to the page.

Alcohol is not found

Human rights activists of the Gulagu.net organization are also sure that the scandal with the ‘drunk’ boy has a corruption nature. The founder of the portal Vladimir Osechkin wrote an application under Art. 141 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation to the head of Administration M of the Federal Security Service of Russia and the chief of General Administration of Internal Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on signs of the crimes provided by Art. 285, 290, 291,303, 307 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in legal investigation of the road accident in which Alyosha Shimko died.

In the statement it is reported, with reference to a reliable source, that at the end of April, 2017 Olga Alisova handed a bribe of 1,5 million rubles to investigator Arinushkin through an intermediary, part of which was handed to expert Mikhail Kleymenov who, in turn, changed the samples for carrying out the examination, sending it not to institutions of the Moscow Region as he was supposed to according to his duty regulations, but to Moscow. Osechkin claims that Kleymenov deliberately tried to lead investigation up a blind alley, providing actually false examination.

Besides, Osechkin declares that the Main Investigative Directorate of the General Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across the Moscow Region is not going to hand the criminal case to ICR ‘by agreement’ with prosecutor's office and asks to carry out a careful inspection of these facts and to initiate criminal cases against investigator of Investigative Directorate of the inter municipal Department of MIA of Russia Balashikha D. Arinushkin and expert M. Kleymenov over receiving bribes and falsification of the criminal case files.

The statement was published on the website on June 16. The reaction of law enforcement agencies has not followed yet.

However yesterday it became known that the repeated examination, contrary to the official statement of ICR of June 21 did not find alcohol traces in Alyosha Shimko's blood as “it appeared to be impossible to establish the presence of ethyl alcohol in the provided samples”. The CrimeRussia continues to follow the developments of the situation.




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