19-year-old scorcher knocks down old woman to death 

19-year-old scorcher knocks down old woman to death
The culprit's father

The father-businessman of the driver arrived 10 minutes after the accident and tried to wrench off the plates.

A 19-year-old student driving a Mercedes knocked down an elderly woman crossing the road in the wrong place to death on Peschanaya Street in Moscow. According to eyewitness Alexey Boyko, the car raced at a speed of more than 100 kph, “the braking distance was about 70 meters,” and the body was thrown back by 35 meters, REN TV writes.

The accident occurred on Saturday, August 17. Immediately after the accident, the driver, son of entrepreneur David Diamon Bann lowered the plates using a special system against the cameras.


After about 10 minutes, the father arrived at the scene with the ‘crony’ license’s plates and tried to wrench off it, but eyewitnesses interfered.


Car with ‘crony’ license’s plates

During the investigative measures, the businessman dangled the investigator and seemed to be trying to negotiate with him, says Boyko. The student driver looked sober. They did not detain him.

Bann Diamon’s mother assures that her son is a calm boy, uses drugs and is worried about what happened.



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