18-y.o. father suspected of murdering infant took selfie with beaten son 

18-y.o. father suspected of murdering infant took selfie with beaten son
Photo: REN TV

A picture showing 18-year-old father and the baby with bruises on its head has been posted.

A resident of Balashikha suspected of murdering his two-month son took a selfie with the beaten child. REN TV has posted the picture with showing the young man and his two-month infant with bruises on its head and and arms. 

According to the channel, the child was hospitalized with vomiting and asphyxia on June 20. A week later, the boy died as a result of a head injury. Law enforcement bodies initially believed that an accident had occurred, but then they came to the conclusion that the child had been killed. The child’s father was suspected of the crime. 


According to the investigation, the young man constantly beat the child, “punishing” him for spitting out food or crying. During questioning, the suspect said that his son hit his head on the crib. Nevertheless, the Balashikha Investigative Department of the ICR Main Investigations Directorate in the Moscow region has charged him with Intentional Infliction of Grave Injury to Health Resulting in Death of a Child (part 4 of Art. 111). 


A criminal case of Failure to Discharge the Duties of Bringing up a Minor (Art. 156 of the Russian Criminal Code) has been initiated against the child’s mother. The investigation believes the girl knew about the beatings, but did nothing. Some say her husband also beat her, as there are traces of beatings on her face.



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