18 cases opened in Chechnya on people disappearance

18 cases opened in Chechnya on people disappearance
Tatiana Moskalkova

In total, the ombudsman's list featured 31 surnames.

Investigative bodies of Chechnya opened 18 criminal cases on disappearance of people in the republic, TASS learned this from Tatiana Moskalkova, the human rights representative in Russia. However, she noted that the investigation is not carried out into all of them, but only into 18 disappeared, although her list features 31 people. According to her, there is information that two of them died a natural death, two more are alive. This was reported to her by law enforcement senior officials. Moskalkova even announced her desire to meet with the allegedly killed Chechen residents. The day before, she flew to Grozny to meet with citizens, law enforcement officials and human rights activists. However, on September 1, Moskalkova reported that she had communicated with the relatives of the missing via video communications.

Earlier, she said, she had asked the Investigative Department for the North Caucasus Federal District to initiate criminal cases and conduct an investigation into every appeal related to an incomprehensible disappearance of people.

Information about the severe harassment of gays in Chechnya appeared in Novaya Gazeta in April this year. According to the press, mass purges among homosexuals were held in the republic. It was also pointed out that secret prisons operated in the region, where men were held and tortured. In addition, the Chechen authorities have found a new way to prosecute Chechen homosexuals, because of which they can not leave Russia. The gays are charged with terrorism and declared wanted as supporters of the Islamic state (an organization banned in the territory of the Russian Federation). The Investigative Committee received several lists with surnames: the first one included 24 people, the second - 27.

Then the president of the country Vladimir Putin discussed this problem with Moskalkova. The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, promised the chairman of the Human Rights Council, Mikhail Fedotov, to help with the investigation of the situation.

Moskalkova noted that to learn the fate of each of the mentioned in the reports, one of the staff of her agency would remain in the region.



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