16 out of 22 Chechens detained in Vienna have refugee status

16 out of 22 Chechens detained in Vienna have refugee status

According to Head of Austrian MIA Wolfgang Sobotka, two out of four Chechen natives, who had submitted an application for such a status, have already been denied it. He also noted that one should not abuse the hospitality of the country, which gives him/her shelter.

Head of Austrian MIA Wolfgang Sobotka has once again commented on the incident with the detention of a large group of people from Chechnya, some of whom had firearms, in the Austrian capital near Floridsdorf.

According to him, 16 out of 22 detainees have obtained refugee status in Austria; another four are in the process of recieving it; they have filed an application for asylum, APA reports.

The minister said that the two of them have already been denied this status, as "they should not abuse the country’s hospitality and violate its laws."

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Austria has already announced that people trying to obtain, or have already been granted refugee status, should not abuse the hospitality of the country and violate its laws.

The Chechen natives were detained in the North of Vienna in the Friday evening, but the incident was only reported the other day. Details are still coming to light. 

Wolfgang Sobotka also noted that the detainees’ involvement in organized crime is being checked, as well as their participation in the conflict between OCGs, however, the version of their terrorist activities, which was voiced yesterday, is no longer considered.

Let us recall that the detention of a large group of Chechens by Vienna police officers occurred after the former’s suspicious behavior drew the attention of inhabitants of the district where the ‘gathering’ took place. The Chechen natives told the police that they were only idling around, and the cause of their meeting was a wedding of one of their fellow countrymen. However, when a loaded pistol was found in the snow, as well as an assault rifle, the suspects were detained. According to the Russian Embassy in Vienna, the detainees have not attempted to contact the Russian diplomatic mission.  



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