150 people from Caucasus and Central Asia scaffled at vegetable warehouse in Nizhny Novgorod

150 people from Caucasus and Central Asia scaffled at vegetable warehouse in Nizhny Novgorod
The siloviki believe that there is a national enclave that is actually outside the control of the authorities

Azerbaijani traders beat a buyer as a result of a household quarrel, after which he led defenders. At least 150 people scaffled with the use of knives and armature, however, the Special Police Force (OMON) officers found no signs of the incident at the scene.⁠

Law enforcement officers, including OMON and a special-purpose battalion, blocked a wholesale fruit and vegetable warehouse Kuzbassky for several hours because of a mass clash of people from Central Asia, Kommersant reported.

As for the mass brawl, a pre-investigation check is currently ongoing.

At first the police explained the cordon with "preventive measures". However, the edition found that a mass fight between people from Azerbaijan and Tajikistan, in which about 150 people participated, took place in the warehouse. The clash was the result of a domestic quarrel between an Azeri seller and an Uzbek buyer, due to the fact that he blocked the counter with a car.

Also, eyewitnesses of events say that the conflict erupted after the buyer insulted the seller, saying that "there are no men among Azerbaijanis". After this, the traders beat the buyer and pushed him out of the market.

However, on August 6, the buyer, together with a large group of people from Tajikistan on several cars, armed with knives, stones and metal fittings, returned to the market. A fight got rid.

The edition notes that when special troops and two patrol and inspection service crews were called in, they did not find any traces of the fight, trade continued at the wholesale base in the usual regime. Also, no one applied to the police. Later one of the fighters addressed one of the hospitals in Nizhny Novgorod. However, the man did not say how he was injured and, after being assisted, fled the hospital.

Meanwhile, former criminal investigation officer Sergey Malinin believes that this vegetable warehouse is actually a national enclave, which is not under the control of the authorities and lives in isolation from inspections of the Rospotrebnadzor, the police and other supervisory bodies. August 17, the base did not work, and one of the sellers told Kommersant that people from Central Asia will not work here anymore.



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