14 Georgian members of gang of burglars detained in Austria

14 Georgian members of gang of burglars detained in Austria

The Austrian police reported on the liquidation of a gang of burglars, consisting of Georgian citizens.

During several-months-long large-scale police operation 14 participants of an organized criminal group, suspected of robbing 25 houses in Vienna and Innsbruck, were detained on suspicion of committing a series of burglaries.

According to Austrian law enforcement agencies, the total amount of the kidnapped was 125 thousand euros, Meinbezirk publication reports. The cost of damage caused during housebreaks is not yet specified.

The Austrian press writes that all detainees are between 20 and 42 years old. Most of them came to Austria from Germany, France and Italy. All detainees are suspected of being members of an international criminal group. During their stay in the country they lived in hostels and apartments in Tyrol, Vienna and the towns of Lower Austria.

The investigation was conducted for several months. It turned out that the criminals broke into houses or apartments, cutting out locks or balcony and window glass with the help of professional tools for inbreak.

The Austrian police are not the first to conduct an operation against ethnic organized crime groups of immigrants from Russia and CIS countries. On February 3, 22 Chechens aged between 25 and 50 were detained in Vienna. The police were addressed by local residents, who found the 'gathering' of three dozen people on one of the Danube islands suspicious. Law enforcement officers that arrivied at the scene found an automatic rifle, two pistols and ammunition. The Chechens explained their presence on the island as a collective walk as part of the celebration of the wedding. Later, several of the detainees were denied refugee status.

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