12-year-old child tormented in Pskov region village for letter to Putin

12-year-old child tormented in Pskov region village for letter to Putin
A girl from the village of Tomsino Photo: Radio Svoboda

The girl has lost her friends and is subject to constant insults for complaining to the president about the closure of the school and the small salary of her mother.

Residents of the Pskov region tormented a 12-year-old girl and her mother Elena. The fellow villagers of the village of Tomsino did not like the fact that the schoolgirl wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In her address, the girl asked for help in connection with the closure of the school and the precarious financial situation.

The neighbors explained their intolerance by the fact that, in their opinion, everyone lives the same way and did not complain, and the mother and daughter are attention seekers who need to be taught a lesson.

The student wanted to tell Putin that the school in the village was closed, and she and other schoolchildren go every weekday to the village nearby. The girl complained that her mother in the position of health worker is working two jobs, but her total income is only 12 thousand rubles ($185), Meduza reports.

Tanya concretized her request to the head of state, asking to send her a mini tractor and a walking tractor for the garden. The letter did not reach the president, but only to regional officials, who said that “help is not possible.”

Journalists of Radio Svoboda could not stay indifferent to the situation. After the story they began to send the family packages and money. Thanks to the collected 90 thousand ($1,400) women were able to buy equipment, books, clothing and medicines.

“They called me an idiot, an attention seeker, that like here we are too, live same as you, and nothing, we endure. You're a fool because you’ve asked for help,” the girl admitted. The child is left without friends in her native village.



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