10 yo schoolgirl fights off police-officer’s molestation with her push-bicycle

10 yo schoolgirl fights off police-officer’s molestation with her push-bicycle

Details on the scandalous story became known.

10-year-old schoolgirl accused a 30-year-old staff sergeant of the police of the division for public order maintenance in the conduct of large public events of Russian MIA General Administration for the Moscow Region of offenses of a sexual nature. 

In her words, in August, the police officer got on the elevator with her in a block of apartments located in the North of Moscow and started molesting her. In particular, in the child’s mother’s words, he pulled down his pants and by doing so expressed sexual interest. 

The third-grader didn’t dilly-dally around and kicked the sergeant with her push-bicycle in his genital organ when the elevator was in motion. This manoeuvre confused the stranger, and the girl managed to flee. 

According to MK, searches for the alleged pedophile have been carried out for more than a month. The man was detained thanks to the CCTV records. A criminal case against him was opened under article Sexual violence.

According to his relatives, on the day of the incident, the sergeant went through a medical examination including a visit to a psychiatrist. All doctors passed a verdict: the police officer is perfectly healthy and fits for service.

According to the police officer himself, he didn’t get on the elevator with the girl. He just entered the entrance of the block of apartments to relieve himself. He assumes she could see the process itself. Meanwhile, the schoolgirl in the presence of a psychologist told the story in details, so the experts have no doubts as to her words.



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