“Took turns raping, sometimes all at once.” Ufa detective testimony made public 

 “Took turns raping, sometimes all at once.” Ufa detective testimony made public
The rape victim

Meanwhile, the defendants maintain innocence.

The summarized testimony of police investigator Gulnaz F. has been published by Komsomolskaya Pravda. According to the victim, the high-ranking policemen “took turns raping” her, “sometimes all at once.”

 “Colonel Matveev, Galiev and Yaromchuk took terms raping, sometimes all at once; they raped me both in a natural and unnatural way. They were in full control of my body, the three of them were while one was raping; it lasted from 22.40 to 0.30,” says Gulnaz F.

The woman was forcibly kept in the room: “Galiev ejaculated, I spat out the sperm on the floor, and he walked around on my right and engaged in sexual activities from behind. I screamed, my hands were clasped in Yaromchuk’s hands, I was begging to let me go; the criminal actions were hurting me.”

After the incident, Gulnaz F. was able to run out into the street and call her mother, "so the exact time when the crime ended can be seen on the phone."

However, the accused maintain innocence and present alibis. As The CrimeRussia said earlier, the Ufa police chief, Eduard Matveev, allegedly left the migration department where the party was at 10.10 pm, and already at 10.30 pm he opened the barrier at his building; the console signal is in the records. The Karmaskalinsky police chief, Salavat Galiev, left at 21.22 to the Otdykh cafe with Svetlana, an acquaintance, and the CCTV cameras in the establishment has their arrival on tape. The migration department head, Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Yaromchuk, gave rides to both interrogators who were in the office.

The incident occurred on the night of October 30, 2018. The investigator, Gulnaz F., pressed charges of gang rape the next morning. The Ministry of Internal Affairs dismissed the accused men without trial. The former police officers are in custody until December 31.




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