“The people must take care of the state.” Saratov officials supported rehabilitated Glatskikh

 “The people must take care of the state.” Saratov officials supported rehabilitated Glatskikh
Olga Glatskikh

The United Russia asked the citizens to “give to the state.”

Deputies from Saratov supported a colleague, Olga Glatskikh, the director of the region’s youth policy department, who said that the state owed nothing to young people and did not ask them to be born. The members of United Russia shared their views with journalists of the Otrkyty Kanal at a party conference.

“Absolutely nothing (the state owes the people - ed.). We have to take care of the state,” said Lyudmila Bessonova, head of the regional department of United Russia. Another UR member Olga Chashkina was even surprised of the question. “And what does it, the state, owe the people? People should think about the state,” she told the voters.

“It’s the people who owe the state, not the other way round. If the people give to the state, then the state will be strong,” said Nikolai Ostrovsky, a deputy of the Saratov City Duma. At the same time, in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, Russia ranks 135th out of 180, alongside Honduras and Papua New Guinea. Apparently, the people still “give,” but not enough.

It is to be recalled that today it has transpired that for the scandalous statement, Olga Glatskikh faces only a reprimand. Even the ICR has decided not to check the feasibility of spending the budget 131 million rubles ($ 2 million) by the youth policy department, although earlier it considered it suspicious to hold educational events for children in the expensive business hotel Panorama. At the same time, the hotel’s owner is the deputy of the Sverdlovsk parliament, Alexander Serebrennikov, with whom Glatskikh was on holiday on the Seychelles, while her fate was decided in the offices.



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