“My head was beaten against the table.” Gelendzhik resident told about torture by FSB

 “My head was beaten against the table.” Gelendzhik resident told about torture by FSB

According to a man, they tried to beat the necessary testimony out of him.

The Military Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for Krasnodar Krai is conducting a check into a statement of Gelendzhik resident Maxim Timoshenko, who claims he was tortured and beaten in the FSB.

According to the man, he works in a private company as a specialist in migration registration of foreign citizens. On August 8, he was summoned to the Department of Internal Migration of the Gelendzhik police, where FSB officers also came.

Timoshenko says he was handcuffed and taken to the Intelligence Department. There, they began to demand from the man testimony against the General Director of the company in which he works, and confession to the organization of illegal migration.

According to the man, in 2018, a similar check was already conducted against the company and he gave explanations. But this time, the testimony of Timoshenko did not satisfy the security forces.

“One of the FSB officers began to use obscene language, insult, shout: “You did not understand where you got, we are not the police!” At that time, a second officer put a packet on my head from behind, started to choke me, there was practically no oxygen in the bag, at the same time my head was beaten against the table. At first, someone struck me one blow, and then, given that there was no answer from me, one more,” Timoshenko said.

According to him, he was also beaten with electric shock, kicked, while he was lying on the floor, verbally abused in every possible way. In the end, Timoshenko signed the necessary testimony, and then he recorded injuries at the doctors and filed a statement against the FSB officers, said the Committee Against Torture, where Timoshenko is provided with legal assistance.



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