“Look good-humored.” Video with suspects in poisoning of Skripals published

 “Look good-humored.” Video with suspects in poisoning of Skripals published
A screenshot from the video

On the recording, two men walk around Salisbury and look at rare stamp shop window.

The British Daily Mail published a video on which, as stated in the article, two suspects in the poisoning of ex GRU colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were captured. On the recording, the men walk around Salisbury and window-shop at the rare stamps shop allegedly immediately after applying the poison on the doorknob of the Skripals’ house.

Passing the shop, the alleged poisoners stop in front of its window and look at something, after which they want to go in, but find out that the store is closed. They look good-humored and relaxed, the Daily Mail notes.

Earlier, the UK Prosecutor's Office named the suspects, claiming that they are “GRU officers” Aleksander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, both Russian citizens, who came to the UK on March 2 and left it on March 4.”

In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that it doubted the authenticity of the photographs provided by the British investigators and invited London to provide fingerprints of the suspects to the Russian authorities.

In her statement on the Foreign Ministry's website, press-secretary Zakharova also points out that London's assertion that “there are sufficient grounds for charging the two Russian citizens” is not supported by documents or credible evidence.



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