Zhirinovsky’s son allegedly buys two nine-room apartments

Zhirinovsky’s son allegedly buys two nine-room apartments

According to the investigation, conducted by Ura.ru, the son of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a lawmaker Igor Lebedev, has acquired premises at the auction in Moscow, which were previously owned by the Sverdlovsk Region government. Lebedev, a member of the Supreme Council of the Liberal Democratic Party, denies the purchase.

According Ura.ru, there were two building units in Moscow: the first being a three-story house in the Nezhinskaya Street 5 in the west of the capital, with offices of the regional representatives; the second - a five-story A-class residential complex in the Kursovoy alley.

The media edition reported that the complex remained assigned to the region, while two nine-room apartments, 300 square meters each, went sold to Lebedev at the auction.

The fact of the deal has been confirmed by the business manager of the Sverdlovsk Region Governor Nikolay Chernev. He said that the price of the sold property was 109 million rubles. The Liberal Democratic Party became its new owner, Ura.ru reported.

According to the auction documents, the winner is the Telme Limited Liability Company, whose owner’s name is identical to that of the lawmaker - Igor Vladimirovich Lebedev. Official data states that the company ceased to exist in 2014, nevertheless, it is listed as acting in these documents.

Earlier, an opposition blogger Alexey Navalny found an apartment in Dubai, which belongs to Lebedev. The lawmaker refused to comment on the news.⁠



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