Zhirinovsky promises United Russia party courts, executions

Zhirinovsky promises United Russia party courts, executions
Vladimir Zhirinovsky

After that, the politician and the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) faction left the Duma convention hall.

Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky, during the first hours of the Duma meeting, promised the United Russia (Edinaya Rossiya) party faction a speedy trial, after which his party members left the convention hall.

The conflict began with Zhirinovsky calling the members of the United Russia "a hundred times bribed", complaining about the pressure, which during the election campaign allegedly brought on the deputies from the LDPR in the Moscow Region.

Vice speaker of the State Duma from United Russia Sergey Neverov reacted to Zhirinovsky's words. He demanded that the Duma commission on ethics check the words of LDPR leader, suggesting that "some lawyer gentlemen must respect our Constitution, the institution of the presumption of innocence."

Neverov added that "only the court can determine who the criminal is, otherwise we have already started talking about executions of those sitting in the hall from the rostrum of the State Duma."

The Vice Speaker’s speech caused a new attack from Zhirinovsky: "You are all here illegally, United Russia! Half of you! And for this you will be tried! Either next year, or in five years," promised the politician, after which he left the convention hall.

After him, his fellow party members have also left the.



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