Zhirinovsky: “A boy made me whip the worm”

Zhirinovsky: “A boy made me whip the worm”

The politician shares his first sexual experience.

On the air of Komsomolskaya Pravda, the leader of nationalist Liberal Democrats Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that he had his first sexual experience with a boy next door, who was older than him. At the same time, the politician stressed that he is straight.

“A boy next door called me to the barn. He made me whip the worm, so to say. I had to help him, and he helped me,” Zhirinovsky said.

Then the politician tried to make excuse for himself, saying that children often do not understand and do what the elders say out of respect or their authority. “My further sexual contacts were also a mess,” he added.

In March 2018, journalist Renat Davletgildeev accused Zhirinovsky of sexual harassment. After the scandal, a certain transgender Grigory-Angela, who moved to Europe from Ukraine, said that he had sex with Zhirinovsky while working at a Moscow club as an escort employee.

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