Yuri Chaika appointed new Deputy Prosecutor of Krasnodar region

Yuri Chaika appointed new Deputy Prosecutor of Krasnodar region
Zulima Bachemukova

Senior Counselor of Justice of the First Rank Zulima Bachemukova has become the Deputy of recently appointed Mark Bolshedvorsky.

Senior Counselor of Justice Zulima Bachemukova was appointed the new Deputy Prosecutor of the Krasnodar Region by the order of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

57-year-old Bachemukova begun her duties on December 23, Krasnodar-Media news agency reports, quoting the message of the media service of regional prosecutor's office.

Zulima Bachemukova works in supervising department of the Krasnodar Region more than 30 years, since 2002 — as the Chief of criminal and judicial department of the regional Prosecutor's Office of the region.

To recall, on November 24, the regional General Court approved the former Prosecutor of Sochi, State Counselor of Justice of the Third Rank Mark Bolshedvorsky, whose candidacy was presented earlier by the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation to a position of the Prosecutor of the Krasnodar Region. Bolshedvorsky, in his turn, replaced Leonid Korzhinek who on November 16 was appointed the Deputy of Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.⁠ 



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