Yuri Chaika on his sons’ suspicious business success: They are smart guys, they got some brains

Yuri Chaika on his sons’ suspicious business success: They are smart guys, they got some brains
Artem and Igor Chaika

The Prosecutor General spoke of Artem and Igor Chaika’s entrepreneurship.

Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika argues his sons Artem and Igor have succeeded in their business all by themselves.

"My sons rely on themselves, they are smart guys, they got some brains. I did not pull the strings for them or anything, both made their own businesses. From scratch! Both the younger one and the elder one", he said in an interview to TASS.

Besides, the Prosecutor General stressed once again that the claims of his sons’ illegal business activities were false.

Let us recall that in late 2015 the Anti-Corruption Foundation published a film on business and assets of Prosecutor General’s sons and subordinates and their criminal links. For instance, the investigation states that Olga Lopatina, Deputy Prosecutor General Gennady Lopatin’s ex-wife, and Artem Chaika are co-owners of Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel in Greece. Artem Chaika is also associated with a ‘gambling empire’ in Moscow suburbs. In the TASS interview, Yuri Chaika also mentioned his son’s recent acquisition. In 2014 Artem bought PNK Company combining nearly two dozens of gravel plants from the Russian Railways. According to the Prosecutor General, his eldest son literally saved the loss-making business.

"Artem is not afraid of difficulties. My eldest son often undertakes something that the others turn away from", Chaika said.

As for the Prosecutor General’s younger son, the Anti-Corruption Foundation claimed that Igor Chaika’s business was based on governmental tenders he has won all around the country. Yuri Chaika, in turn, assured that his son has "always performed his obligations carefully, efficiently and timely." He emphasized that Igor "has invested hundreds of millions of his own funds into charity in the Moscow region and is cooperating with Rusfond”.

"I am pleased that things are going well for my sons, but do not think I’m talking them up. It’s a sober estimate I have for Artem and Igor," said the Prosecutor General.



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