Young and extreme. Information wars go around Khakassia Head Valentin Konovalov 

Young and extreme. Information wars go around Khakassia Head Valentin Konovalov
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Political life in Siberia is in full swing. Inspired by the victory of Khakassia Governor Valentin Konovalov in a protest vote, everyone is protesting against something. The Krasnoyarsk prosecutor’s office is resolutely opposed to leaving the homeland without a conscript Konovalov, who allegedly evaded military service. Now the former Deputy Finance Minister Galina Spiridonova has rebelled against the awards to the government of the region. She was outraged by the New Year awards of 400% of the salary of the ministers, which in the bankrupt region really looks like a mockery. Why is the righteous anger that has unloaded on Konovalov called post-election syndrome?

Governor – to the gun

The Republic of Khakassia in the top federal news. Not every day the prosecutor's office of the neighboring region is looking for the governor. And the Krasnoyarsk prosecutor's office is looking for the head of Khakassia Valentin Konovalov as hard as they can. The youngest governor of the country is accused of evading conscription. Konovalov is urged to serve the homeland and preferably away from the administration of the republic.

In the unexpected desire to call Konovalov to account and to the service, there is a desire to reconsider the results of the protest vote in the region. Reports that the governor, it turns out, is a military service evader, appeared in February. The military commissar of the Krasnoyarsk Region confirmed that Konovalov did not serve and did not even have a military ID. Since then, i.e. For several months now they try to ticket the governor who has gone out of draft age – at least by removing him from office. 

Valentin Konovalov

Valentin Konovalov

The military enlistment office and prosecutor's office of the Krasnoyarsk Region link their hopes with the law “On the State Civil Service in the Russian Federation”. It prohibits deviationists for 10 years from the date of recognition of deviation to engage in public service. Civil, of course. The logic of the military and prosecutors, as of people wearing epaulets, is simple here: out of shape means civilian. That's just the logic of the law turned out to be a little more complicated than the linear thinking of warriors. It distinguishes between civil service and government positions. The list of the latter was approved by Yeltsin’s decree (still in effect today), which has not changed much since then. In any case, the position of the head of the “highest state executive body of the constituent member of the Russian Federation” is present there.

Now, for the prosecutor’s office there remains a desperate attempt to bring Konovalov to criminal responsibility for evasion, which will not be easy at all. Meanwhile, the governor of Khakassia broke the law in a much more obvious way, which did not make any impression - for nine years of the permanent governorship of Viktor Zimin, the supervisory authority has lost the habit of looking towards the government of the region. 

April bonuses

Coincidence or not, but on the eve of Lenin's birthday, the “red” governor Konovalov took up the restoration of social justice. This movement was initiated by amendments to the legislation on wages of the governor and ministers. The salary, by the way, was left unchanged so as not to annoy voters, about whose plight Konovalov lamented before the elections. But the bonus is another matter. It, as stated in the text of the amendments, is issued "for special working conditions." Therefore, bargaining is clearly not appropriate. 4 salaries – this is what a bonus should be for him and his colleagues, the governor believes.

Here it is important to remember one nuance: it is not special achievements that are rewarded, but working conditions. For example, Deputy Governor Yulia Ismagilova. The girl lives in Moscow, and on duty every day she thinks of distant Khakassia, where state employees are sitting without salaries. Every working day of Ismagilova, through traffic jams, slips toward the embassy of Khakassia in Mamontovsky Lane, right next to the inviting boutiques of Tverskaya Street. Is it easy to think about the poor, being surrounded by wealth? Of course not. Therefore, on the eve of the New Year (two weeks after being appointed Vice-Governor), Ismagilova received a premium of 500% of her salary, and Konovalov received puzzled views of the very state employees who voted for him. 

Yulia Ismagilova's awarding

Yulia Ismagilova's awarding with the decision of Andrey Asochakov   

Colleagues helped the inexperienced in behind-the-scenes intrigues Konovalov to drink to the bottom of the bowl of people’s indignation. It should be clarified here that, under the personal signature of the governor, Ismagilova is rewarded with two salaries, and not on an exceptional basis, but on a par with the entire cabinet of ministers of the region. So as not to sin against the truth, let us add: Konovalov did not include himself in this list. A week later, the old-timer of the Khakassia’s power corridors, Andrey Asochakov, as acting governor again awarded Ismagilova – this time with three salaries. Finally, when the New Year holidays, and with them the money, ended, the officials remembered what usually remains – shame. 

The decision of Valentin Konovalov on bonuses to the Cabinet

The decision of Valentin Konovalov on bonuses to the Cabinet   

It sat ill to remember that to Asochakov, and the role of an indignant colleague was performed by left behind without a bonus Deputy Finance Minister Galina Spiridonova, who was shown the list of bonus winners. Seeing how close happiness was, and offended by the power in the face of all the deputy ministers, Spiridonova made public the little New Year joys of her colleagues. Having given two salaries bonuses to cabinet ministers, Konovalov violated regional law, which allows awards in the amount of not more than 100% of the salary. The governor with a law degree probably knew about it. 

Galina Spiridonova

Galina Spiridonova

Better call the prosecutor

If Valentin Konovalov admitted his miscalculation, the scandal probably would have been exhausted. Instead, the young governor decided to show who was the boss, and dismissed Spiridonova. Although part of the charges was completely unfounded. Counting the income of Ismagilova, the local media somehow, without saying a word, took the range of figures from 250 to 400 thousand rubles ($3,800 – $6,100) as a point of reference. It was assumed that each reader can choose the option to taste and independently determine the bonus of Ismagilova. The governor’s press service attempted to bring mathematical accuracy to this ferment of minds, voicing the size of Ismagilova’s salary – 24 thousand rubles ($370). While the former governor Zimin paid the representative of Khakassia in Moscow, Andrey Sobolenko, more than 159 thousand rubles ($2,400) a month. The law of big numbers turned out to be inexorable: the reduction in salaries of the administrative apparatus went unnoticed, while Ismagilova’s fictional incomes took root in the minds of Konovalov’s voters. 


Yulia Ismagilova

And here the prosecutor's office of Khakassia could have interfered, having brought down the entire severity of the law on the governor hated by local elites. The prosecutor's office was silent. Either they got so accustomed to the violation of this law under the former governor, or the purpose of the masters supervising the legality went far beyond the limits of this very legality. How can we explain the inaction of law enforcement agencies while the head of the region is accused of illegally paying a deputy 1 million rubles ($15,000)? Probably by the active inclusion of these same bodies in the political struggle. Upon closer inspection, we will even see some of its interested parties.

The scandal started on the Telegram channel Khakassky Insider, the owners of which we hardly know. But besides the soloist there is also a chorus! The first to catch the high-profile news was Puls Khakassii and Agentstvo Informacionnyh Soobscheniy, they also succeeded most in mathematical calculations. The first is headed by a certain Tatiana Myahar, who, from belief in fair elections, we simply consider the namesake of the candidate for governor Alexander Myahar, who withdrew his candidacy before the second round. AIS is headed by Alexander Bortnikov, a well-known political strategist in the region. I would like to say “No comment!”, but no, there is still one remark: at the elections held in Khakassia, Bortnikov unsuccessfully tried to clean the image of candidate Zimin. 

It's a trend! 

Unable to play on the moods of the Khakassians in the election race, political sweepers managed to hurt Konovalov, who was clearly inexperienced in undercover games. The young governor succumbed to the temptation to show his power and made one mistake after another. Hence, the dismissal of the Deputy Minister of Finance Spiridonova, and the law on the remuneration of civil servants in the amount of four salaries, which the entire government of Khakassia is now awkwardly denying.

In addition, the scandal actually ruined Konovalov's important reputational victory – a won lawsuit against Mikhail Leontyev for the protection of honor and dignity. The vice-president of Rosneft has long been known for not being too formal in defining his opponents. But then the famous TV analyst surpassed himself: fascinated by terry conspiracy on the topic "Who pays for Konovalov," he called the candidate for governor Valentin Konovalov an "open moron." And if everything was predictable from the very beginning with the reaction of the court to the direct insult of Konovalov, the assessment of Leontyev’s political research deserves special attention.

True to his own style, Leontyev was brief. He, as they say, explained on his fingers how communist Konovalov financed the RUTEK holding, which owns the Arshanovsky open-pit mine. An eccentric journalist named deputy Gleb Khor as a beneficiary of RUTEK. In the latter, Leontyev is far from alone, but the determination with which he says it makes one wonder why Mikhail Vladimirovich, as a journalist and citizen, has not yet sent his analytical calculations to the Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor General’s Office and other institutions.

Video: Mikhail Leontyev’s TV program 

The court was interested in the same question, because the burden of proof in such claims lies with the defendant. It could have become one of the best editions of the Leontyev’s program, right from the courtroom. But the spokesman for Rosneft sabotaged the meeting (apparently, this is corporate etiquette). Now he sabotages the court's decision to refute false information.

All this could become the main news agenda of Khakassia, but political technologists, by far, below Leontiev, managed to bury it. By the hands of Konovalov himself. Now that the topic of bonuses to officials has practically exhausted itself, the military band is heard in the repertoire of the “old guard”, a trumpeting appeal for the governor. Such is the fate of the young communists: either they call Russia to the axes, or she calls them to the parade ground.



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