Yaroslavl officials instruct people to ask governor right questions  

Yaroslavl officials instruct people to ask governor right questions
Dmitry Mironov

After publications about the event in the media, the children were given the order to write rebuttals.

In a school of Danilovo, Yaroslavl region, the press secretary briefed the meeting participants before the governor’s visit. Students were given questions to ask and adults were advised to avoid sensitive issues. When this was reported in the media, the governor canceled the visit and the press service launched a campaign to whitewash the authorities, says local historian Dmitry Andreev.

“Children, members of the Russian Union of Youth, are asked in the chat of the Union to re-post a publication saying that they had waited for the governor and prepared their questions themselves,” Andreev wrote on Facebook, posting screenshots of the texts and reposts.

According to the historian, Russian Union of Youth members were used for the 2018 campaign through messengers and personal mail in the same way. Teenagers were asked to vote for certain candidates.

The Governor of the Yaroslavl Region, Dmitry Mironov, took office in 2016. Prior to that, he served in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service (FSO). In 2010, he ensured the safety of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during his trip from Khabarovsk to Chita in a Lada Kalina.



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