Yamal head’s revenues increased three times for past year

Yamal head’s revenues increased three times for past year

The Government of the region explained the drastic increase in income as compensation for unused vacations.

Yamal’s Governor Dmitry Artyukhov declared 64.9 million rubles ($ 996,000) in 2018 against 25.3 million ($ 388,000) a year earlier. The press service of the regional government explained Artyukhov’s increased fortune by paying him compensation for unused vacations in case of early dismissal after the former head of Yamal, Dmitry Kobylkin, was transferred to the post of Russian Minister of Natural Resources.

“Early termination of office and dismissal from the position being replaced in accordance with regional legislation implies compensation for unused vacations,” the message says.

According to URA.ru, revenue growth is also associated with bonuses from Kobylkin. The new governor’s deputies also received extra few millions.

In addition to income, governor Artyukhov’s declaration also listed a land plot of 500 sq. m. and a car. The head of the region pays mortgage for a 72.5 sq. m. apartment.



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