Why would rescue workers of Ministry of Emergency Situations need Glock pistols?

Why would rescue workers of Ministry of Emergency Situations need Glock pistols?

The Rescue Center of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations in Noginsk, Moscow Region, posted a tender on state procurement website for the supply of about 50 Glock pistols of two different models produced in Austria.

According to Agentstvo Moskva, the Noginsk Rescue Center of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies, and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters State-owned Federal State Institution intends to purchase thirty-one Glock-17 pistols and seventeen Glock-26 9 mm pistols. The purchase tender results will be announced on August 29.

It is noteworthy that the weapons to be used by the Ministry of Emergency Situations employees are not just issue weapons in standard configuration. The description of procurement auction states that the agency expects the purchasers to provide the aforementioned models in special wood cases with interior lining of blue velvet. In addition to the weapons, the wooden box must contain a spare magazine and additional compartment for storing ammunition.

It is planned to locate a large emblem of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations with the double-headed eagle made of metal or plastic on the wooden box cover. In addition to the elaborate and costly case, the estimated price of the weapon is yet another proof the pistols are not intended for regular employees. For example, the cost of procurement contract for Glock-17 is nearly 6 million rubles; contract for the supply of Glock-26 is 3 million rubles; that is, the average price per piece is from 165 to 185 thousand rubles.

It should be noted that the tasks of Noginsk State-owned Federal State Institution include prompt response to emergency situations of natural and man-made disasters in Russia and the countries of near and far abroad, provision of complex rescue and evacuation solutions, conducting rescue and other emergency operations in the areas of emergency situations, as well as delivery of humanitarian assistance to the population of Russia and foreign countries as needed.

The Austrian pistol Glock-17 has been gaining popularity and world-wide ubiquity due to the fact that most of its parts are made of high-strength heat-resistant plastic. In addition, Glock is capable of shooting under water at a depth of up to 3 m without damage to the weapon. Among the Glock-26 features is its small size, allowing for concealed carry.

Let us recall that in 2015, on the eve of Rescuer's Day December 27, the Ministry of Emergency Situations had already purchased Glock pistols and MP-443 Grach side-arms for awarding the most outstanding employees.



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