Why Prosecutor Litvinenko remained at post? 

Why Prosecutor Litvinenko remained at post?
The figure of Sergey Litvinenko remained standing on the chessboard

The Prosecutor General's Office’s inspection of the St. Petersburg prosecutors work is completed, and the preliminary results are announced. The Prosecutor Sergey Litvinenko remains at his post, but the intrigue also remains. Obviously, this is just intermediate results. The real results will be known only in 2017 due to continued rotation of the senior prosecutors, the President started a year ago.

The story of the resignation of the Prosecutor Litvinenko has not begun today and not only Litvinenko’s opposition with his immediate superior, Yuri Chaika, is behind it, but also something else. After all, rumors about the fact that the Prosecutor General's Office is coming for Sergey Litvinenko’s soul have not started now and not even at the end of last summer, when it transpired about the impending "Prosecutors landing troops", but in August 2015. Even then, the St. Petersburg Prosecutor's Office was under significant pressure, and on the sidelines the employees were anxiously waiting for hard organizational conclusions. This was just due to Litvinenko’s change of behavior and with the May 236th decree of Vladimir Putin, after which the rotation of prosecutors in the country started. New people have taken prosecutorial positions in Orenburg, Kurgan and Novosibirsk Regions, Ingushetia and Chuvashia. However, the rotation in 2015 shied away from St. Petersburg.

In Moscow, experts considered the change of leadership in the Northwest District as another logical conclusion of the rotation. Inspections and operational support, as exemplified by the current situation in the Leningrad Region, were not long in coming. However, contrary to expectations, the figure of Sergey Litvinenko remained standing on the chessboard.


From mid-September and until October, 12 in St. Petersburg, a global inspection of the city’s Prosecutor's Office was held. It was the most large-scale audit in the last 20 years. The St. Petersburg prosecutors were checked up by 30 audit executives. 18 district and all city Prosecutor's Office units were inspected.

As it is known, the official work of the St. Petersburg’s Prosecutor's Office was evaluated on a solid three. But a lot in this situation depends on the St. Petersburg Prosecutor’s trip to Moscow. After all, the main purpose of the inspection is to assess the situation in the department not on formal criteria but the actual merits failures. In other words, it was decided to look closely to the internal kitchen of the Prosecutor's Office.

In the meantime, one of the main complaints of the capital inspectors is a large number of unjustified refusals to initiate criminal proceedings that the prosecutor’s office did not appeal against as a supervisor or even supported. But that, as they say, is only one side of the coin.

Business and decisions

In fact, the decision-makers will focus on how closely Sergey Litvinenko communicated with representatives of the business, as well as its semi-criminal intermediaries. After all, it is no secret that after he was appointed as the Prosecutor of St. Petersburg, his name has often been mentioned along with the other – some Adil Makhmudov, the former employee of the Prosecutor General’s Office, who later became a notorious fixer before his tragic death in 2013 in Moscow. In addition, the story of blurring of the situation with company Megastar, better known as the holiday case, has not yet been finished. As media was writing, "the Prosecutor General's Office staff has carefully studied all the publications in the press."

Адиль Махмудов

Adil Makhmudov

In addition, in the hall of the General Prosecutor's Office itself, it is known that Litvinenko will not get away with his love for furtigation indicators or ignoring the press and critics, as well as with a habit to punish those prosecutors who did not show him enough respect. The St. Petersburg Prosecutor's Office is waiting for a long-awaited end of the serfdom tradition within the department, when by form of habit fictitious functional checks are used to remove the unwanted employees. The St. Petersburg prosecutors know: if you do not enter Litvinenko’s close circle, you have to fear the provocations.


In 20 days, the auditors found about 1,000 materials on which the investigation was unduly terminated. As a result, 550 of such unreasonable decisions have been canceled at the insistence of the Commission of the General Prosecutor's Office. Also 200 documents on the suspension of investigations and 100 on the termination of investigations have been found to be unlawful. All these cases have been returned for review, and the further procedural actions on them will be controlled by a higher authority.

Meanwhile, the story of the figure of the St. Petersburg’s Chief Prosecutor has only just begun. At least, that is what the source of the CrimeRussia says these days. Allegedly, the decision to keep Litvinenko at his post was considered from the beginning of inspections. The Prosecutor General's Office, they say, this time will give him a slap on the wrist, but will continue to closely monitor the work of its subordinates in St. Petersburg. The reason for such loyalty is the support Sergey Litvinenko has in the Federation Council by none other than Valentina Matvienko. It is no secret that Sergey Ivanovich and Valentina Ivanovna treat each other with great sympathy. Once, the Prosecutor has done her a personal favor, having hushed up the affair in 2013 with a bribe the director of the school № 246 of the Primorsky District Raisa Polyakova. Despite the strangeness of the affair, it is known that after the criminal case was initiated, the Head of the MIA District Directorate Vladimir Shlapak was called on the carpet to the Prosecutor. The reason for the call, according to some, was a personal call to the city prosecutor from Valentina Matvienko, after which the affair was resolved in Polyakova’s favor.

Валентина Матвиенко

The Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko

In addition, in the halls of power, they say that these two are connected not only by selfless love to the school, but also the business of Valentina’s son Sergey. Litvinenko is allegedly providing him with protection. As you know, after Valentina Matvienko left the post of the Northern Capital Governor, the business affairs of her son were somewhat shaken by chilly relations with the current Mayor.

Another interesting point in this story is the case of the Leningrad Region’s ex-Prosecutor Ivanov, for whom the investigators have already come. Having, at the time, ceding the prosecutor’s chair for Ivanov and after moving to the city, Sergey Litvinenko, as they say, lost neither connections, nor influence in the Leningrad Region. It is possible that with his help the General Prosecutor's Office expects to make a full picture of how the relationship between business and the Prosecutor's Office of the Leningrad Region were resolved. Also it is possible that the voluntary cooperation is the price of honorable retirement and pensions for the Prosecutor Litvinenko in the future.



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