Why General Fix was put out of way?

Why General Fix was put out of way?
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A large-scale combing in the central apparatus of the FSB continues: the 1st Deputy Chief of the Internal Security Department, the FSB general Oleg Feoktistov, known as Oleg-Bolshoy (Big) or General Fix was deprived of his office.

After the dismissal of super influential Chief of Economic Security (SEB) Yury Yakovlev and the Head of the FSB SEB Department K (counter-intelligence in the credit and financial sphere) Viktor Voronin, last week, the first Deputy Head of the FSB Internal Security Department (USB) General Oleg Feoktistov, better known as Oleg-Bolshoy or General Fix was fired. Oleg Feoktistov directly supervised the 6th FSB USB Service, nicknamed Sechin’s special forces.


There is no official presidential decree on the resignation of Oleg Feoktistov yet, but he has already been transferred to the Office of the seconded employees (APS) of the FSB (the first deputy of the FSB USB refers to the nomenclature of the Russian President, and the appointment and dismissal of them are regulated by separate secret decrees). As a rule, from the APS officers usually directly go to the security departments of major state-owned corporations, banks or oil companies.

For us, the dismissal of General Feoktistov is like a bolt from the sky, told the employee of 6th USB Service of the FSB who spoke on condition of anonymity to the NT correspondent. – Oleg was holding everything together, and we were behind him like behind a stone wall.

Meanwhile, one and a half months ago, the sources of NT reported that "soon Fix finally will spread his wings": Feoktistov had to be appointed as the Head of the USB after the former Chief of the Internal Security Department Sergei Korolev moved to the SEB, and the Chief of the FSB Department for Kaliningrad Eugene Zinichev was supposed to be Feoktistov’s deputy. Many employees had hoped that when Feoktistov and Zinichev come, the endless paperwork, the constant openings and combat duties will finally end. However, on July 28th, Putin unexpectedly appointed the security officer Zinichev as the acting Governor of the Kaliningrad Region, whereas Feoktistov never got promoted.

Also, the switchover of Feoktistov’s right hand, the Chief of "six" Ivan Tkachev, to the Directorate K of the FSB SEB, which was widely publicized in the media, did not take place. According to rumors, Tkachev also soon be outplaced to the APS and he will be replaced by the Colonel Aleksandr Poletaev.


Oleg Feoktistov was born in Moscow, he served as a border guard in the Republic of Karelia, and then participated in the fighting in Afghanistan. During his military service, he became friends with an employee of the military counter-intelligence of the KGB Sergei Shishin, who later became the Head of the FSB USB special forces, and then the Head of the FSB Economic Security office.

"Fix owes his primary career to the order bearer Shishin who like a locomotive promoted and led Feoktistov with him," said a source in the security services to the NT.

By the way, in 2007, after a series of scandals, Shishin also was initially sent to the Office of seconded staff, then, he was seconded to VTB Bank, and three years later, he became a part of the Rosneft and RusHydro managerial staff.

For the first time, the General Feoktistov became known to the public during a high-profile criminal cases against Tri Kita (Three Whales) (the smuggling of furniture) and Chinese contraband getting to the warehouse 54729 of the FSB Office of Logistics. Then, by order of Putin, the now liquidated Federal Service for Drug Control (FSKN) took care of the corrupt security officers, and the Lieutenant-General Aleksandr Bulbov headed the investigation.

For covert surveillance of smugglers in uniforms, the outdoor forces of the FSKN was involved, and the employees of the Bureau of special technical measures (BSTM) from Petrovka 38 wired their telephone conversations. However, at some point, there was a leak, and Bulbov together with all his staff involved was arrested by the FSB USB.

The drugfighter-General was charged with illegal conduct of operatively-search activities, fraud, and bribery and was kept in custody for two years. While in the cell, Bulbov said that he acted within the law, and his arrest was initiated by the high-ranking officers of the FSB USB, and specifically mentioned the Chief of the 6th Services of the FSB USB Colonel Feoktistov.

Then, Feoktistov’s surname flashed in operative work of the former UBOP Major Andrey Aleshin, who was privately investigating kidnapping of the wealthy people in the capital.

As a result, Major Aleshin, who released one of the hostages, was accused of collaborating with the bandits and was sentenced to 15 years, whereas the high-ranking abductors, including the State Duma deputies, have shed all responsibility, and the leader of the gang Denis Shilin (Shilo) moved to Monaco where he placed prostitues with voice recorders under drunk Russian businessmen and by doing so learned about their offshore accounts.

Before becoming the first Deputy Head of the FSB USB, the General nearly for five years run the 6th Service became such an influential figure on Lubyanka that the Lubyanka employees themselves mentioned him only in a whisper.

The attempts to compromise the General Feoktistov were initiated not once: on the Internet websites publishing compromising information about the secret services, from time to time appeared the notes which claimed that the General supposedly holds in his hand all the Moscow judges and his men ride around the capital in a state of intoxication and told the road policemen to bugger off.

In 2011, instead of Feoktistov, the adviser of the then acting Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov, Petersburger Sergei Korolev, was appointed as the Head of the FSB counterintelligence department. However, according to the source, all the operational decisions were still made by Feoktistov (currently Korolev has headed the FSB SEB -. NT).


The 6th Service of the FSB USB was created in 2004 on the initiative of the then curator of force structures, the Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, and received the unofficial nickname of Sechin’s special forces. Feoktistov personally selected the backbone of the "six", which constituted of the FSB Alfa and Vympel Special Forces soldiers who fought in the hotspots.

Initially, the 6th Service was located not far from Lubyanka under the guise of Tours and trips, and three years ago it moved to a separate building on Kolpachny Lane next to a Catholic monastery that gave rise to jokes like: "The counterintelligence department officers atone their sins after service."

The tasks of the Service includes operative support of resonant criminal cases, and the protection of witnesses, and during special operations the officers use cover documents and several sets of car state numbers. For example, Feoktistov himself, for a long time, lived under the name of Sergey A. and got two years older than he actually was.

Unlike the other FSB departments, the fighters' of the Sechin’s special forces are paid two salaries, bonuses, and a year of service counts as one and a half.

As the former Alfa officers confessed, they feel particular distaste towards the staff of the FSB SEB Department K (finance and banking) and call them rich kids in uniforms: when the K officers see us in the restaurant, they just move to another room, because we can kick their asses.

When Feoktistov became the first Deputy Head of the counterintelligence department, his surname flashed in the framework of the operational support of the FSB USB during the investigations of the high-profile criminal cases. Thus, in 2014, the General directly supervised the detention of the Chief of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption (GUEBiPK) of the Russian MIA, the Lieutenant-General of Police Denis Sugrobov, and his Deputy, the Major-General of Police Borys Kolesnikov (according to the investigators, during questioning at the Investigative Committee, he committed suicide - NT), who dared to start an operational investigation against the USB employee Colonel Igor Demin.

In March 2015, the soldiers of the 6th Service arrested the Governor of the Sakhalin Region Aleksandr Khoroshavin, who was charged with receiving a bribe in the amount of $ 5.6 million. In the same year, "six" also handcuffed the Head of the Republic of Komi Vyacheslav Gayzer and the officials of his administration, who were accused of forming a criminal group and fraud. On the night of June 1, 2016, the 6th Service caught the mayor of Vladivostok, the millionaire (he owned the concern Park Group), Igor Pushkarev, who was immediately transported to Moscow: he is accused of abuse of office and commercial bribery. Finally, it was the "Six" who got Nikita Belykh, who, until recently, was the Governor of the Kirov Region.


There are several versions on the resignation of the powerful General Feoktistov. According to one of them, the cause could be the high-profile events around the Baltic Customs which was supposed to be disbanded several times, and its functions were planned to be transferred to the adjacent customs posts. The annual turnover of the Baltic Customs is $ 30 billion, and, through it, the third of the smuggling comes to Russia. So, it is not surprising that the real fight for control of this tasty spot unfolded between the senior officials and security forces.

As a result, Putin’s old KGB colleague, the Head of the Federal Customs Service (FTS) Andrey Belianinov and the Head of the FSB SEB Department K Viktor Voronin, whose subordinate, the Chief of the 7th Division of the Department K Vadim Uvarov, featured in the criminal case (for details, see. the NT number 22 dated 26 June 2016) have already lost their jobs.

The operational support for the criminal case was conducted not by the colleagues from St. Petersburg but the FSB USB, and the orders for detention and searches in homes of the persons of interest, according to our sources, were personally given by the General Feoktistov    

According to another version, the State Duma Deputy from the United Russia Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs, whose spouse, the Communist MP and millionaire Denis Voronenkov is a person of interest in a criminal case related to the raider seizure of the building in central Moscow, complained to Putin. According to the investigation, Voronenkov found a buyer for the house, for which he received the advance fee in the amount of $ 100 thousand.

The MP himself has repeatedly stated to journalists that the criminal cases against him are initiated by the General Feoktistov, who supposedly avenges him for a private investigation within the smuggling case of Tri Kita (then, as a result of combing at the FSB, 16 senior officers were dismissed in the central apparatus of thesecurity agency - NT).

The third version says that the powerful security official allegedly got burned because of the too close friendship with the head of the USB of the Investigative Committee Vladimir Maksimenko, who, until his arrest, was considered to be the right hand the ICR Head Alexander Bastrykin.

As it is known, in December 2015, after a loud skirmish at the restaurant Elements on the Rochdelskaya Street, the main combat torpedo of the powerful kingpin Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro), Andrey Kochuykov nicknamed the Italian, was arrested.

According to the investigators, Maksimenko, his Deputy Alexander Lamonov and the Deputy Chief of the ICR Main Directorate in Moscow Denis Nikandrov changed the Italian’s pre-trial restriction, for which they received from $ 500 thousand Shakro, and were soon arrested.

Earlier, Maksimenko served in the Department M of the FSB (in charge of the MIA, the Prosecutor's Office and Ministry of Justice), and, according to some sources, it was Feoktistov who recommended him to the position of the Chief of the Investigative Committee Internal Security Department.

And finally, according to the fourth version, the reason for Feoktistov’s resignation was the recent publication by Novaya Gazeta about Igor Sechin’s young wife - Olga - who allegedly came to light on the mega-yacht St. Princess Olga, worth $ 150 million (Sechin’s wife filed a lawsuit in the Basmanny Court against the newspaper - NT). Allegedly, they were supposed to find the commissioner of the publication, but they failed: the attempt to get information from the journalists was not successful. "Our service is likely to be disbanded, suggested the "six" fighter. - We have, perhaps, too well fought corruption, and operational tasks will be performed by our competitors from the 2nd Service ".

But if the 6th Service’s officers’ prospects are very vague, Feoktistov, most likely, will be placed somewhere by Igor Sechin, which happened many times to other senior officials of the counterintelligence department. For example, the Colonel Igor Demin, who acted as a bait in the case of the arrested Chief of the MIA GUEBiPK Denis Sugrobov, now as a seconded former security officer heads the security service of a major bank, the main shareholder of which is the Rosneft.



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