Wealthiest Russian State Duma MPs get significantly poorer

Wealthiest Russian State Duma MPs get significantly poorer

MPs who earned the most in 2015 and got reelected to the Duma earned much less in 2016. The wealthiest Duma entrepreneur Andrey Palkin made 2 times less money after being elected to the Duma.⁠

Rich get poorer

Andrey Palkin is a Duma MP representing the United Russia Party. He was first elected as a Duma MP in 2016. He made more money than MPs who had served in the Duma for many years the year he was elected. Palkin made 678.5 million rubles last year. At the same time, he made almost 1.5 billion rubles in 2015, according to assets declaration he filed as a parliamentary candidate. 1.5 billion rubles was “the total gross revenue of his group of companies”, as he earlier told reporters.

Here is how he explained his loss of profit to the RBC Information Agency: “I did not make money because I had already been elected an MP; one does not make that much money as an MP”. New Palkin’s declaration does not list about 60 apartments and 200 vehicles (mostly construction machines). He only declared 6 land lots, a house, 2 apartments, a storage, a transformer substation, 2 trucks, 2 semi-trailers, and a trailer.

Palkin filed for bankruptcy to the Arkhangelsk Region Commercial Court in February. “No one thought about filing for bankruptcy, only for restructuring to avoid fines”, he said in an interview to RBC on April 14.

United Russia member Nikolay Bortsov is the 2nd wealthiest Russian MP. He also got poorer. He earned 604.7 million rubles in 2016, compared to more than 799 million rubles in 2015. He partially owns 8 car parking lots, 6 land lots, 2 houses, a 67.3 m2 apartment, and half a 264.8 m2 apartment. Bortsov ranked 144th on the Forbes’s 2016 Richest Russian Entrepreneurs List. His wealth is estimated at $0.55 billion.

His fellow party member Grigory Anikeev also made less money. He made 527.6 million rubles in 2016, compared to 571 million rubles in 2015. The MP still holds shares of sewerage systems, low current sewerage systems power supply systems, water and gas pipelines, street lighting, and one other facility. He also owns 3 land lots, 4 car parking lots, 2 apartments, and a house. He also rents 4 lands lots.

United Russia member Leonid Simanovsky made the most money last year. His income dropped 2.5 times, from 907.6 million rubles last year to 377.2, which is about as much as he made in 2014 (353.7 million rubles). The MP declared 2 land lots, a house, and a guest house. He ranked 87th on the Forbes’s 2016 Richest Russian Entrepreneurs List. His wealth is estimated at $0.95 billion.

United Russia member Anton Jarkov is the 5th wealthiest Russian MP. He almost tripled his income in a year’s time; it went up from 103.9 to 296 million rubles. The MP owns 4 apartments, 4 car parking lots, and 3 land lots.

The Palkins are also the richest family. Their aggregate income amounts to 678.8 million rubles. The Nekrasovs pushed other high-income MPs aside with aggregate income of 651 million rubles. Russian Communist Party member Aleksandr Nekrasov made 4.9 million rubles last year. His wife made 646 million rubles last year. The next on the list are unmarried Bortsov and Anikeev. The Simanovskys are the 5th. The MP’s wife added 30.8 million rubles to the family income.

State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin made 62.1 million rubles in 2016. Volodin “donated a substantial portion of his 2016 income to charity”, according to a source close to the speaker, as earlier quoted by the TASS News Agency.

The State Duma MPs published their assets declarations on April 14. Andrey Palkin has the highest income (678.5 million rubles).

Latifundists in Duma

State Duma Committee for Agriculture member representing the Republic of Kalmykia, Stavropol Krai, and Astrakhan and Rostov Regions and United Russia member Bator Aduchiev is one of the most noticeable land owners in the new Duma. He declared 19 land lots (7.11 million m2) meant for agricultural activities. All the land lots are located in Russia, according to the MP’s declaration.

Aduchiev does not own anything else. He does not own ‘his’ 70.2 m2 house in Russia; it was given to him for “uncompensated use”. He also rented a 168.5 m2 apartment, but only for the time in office. This MP does not own cars. He made a little less than 1.7 million rubles in 2016.

United Russia member Andrey Golushko’s family owns 12 land lots. Andrey Golushko owns 2 land lots for individual housing construction. His wife owns the other 10 (8 out of the 10 are meant for country cottages construction, the remaining – for housing construction).

United Russia member Oleg Grishchenko’s family owns 10 land lots. It is worth mentioning the MP’s wife owns all of them. He made 182 million rubles in 2016, while Oleg Grishchenko only made 2.6 million rubels.

MPs’ real estate

Communist Vladimir Blotsky is among MPs who have the most land. He owns 4 houses. One of them is in the UK (312 m2). Blotsky also has a 1 000 m2 land meant for housing construction there. Moreover, he owns 5 apartments (from 38.7 m2 to 119.8 m2) in Russia. One of them he owns partially.

Biggest and smallest houses

United Russia member Yushaa Gazgireev (a 3 869 m2 festivities house), A Just Russia member Gadjimurad Omarov (3 181 m2), and self-nominated candidate Vladislava Reznikova (2 765 m2) have the biggest houses.

A Just Russia member Oleg Nilov has the smallest house (12.5 m2). He owns it only partially, too.

United Russia members have the most real estate abroad. Konstantin Zatulin has an apartment in Spain. So does Andrey Chernishevsky. Arkady Ponomorev has 3. Sergey Vostretsov declared an apartment in the Republic of Bulgaria. Sergey Sopchuk declared an apartment, 2 garages, and a storeroom in the Czech Republic.

United Russia member Otari Ashba declared a 16 m2 apartment and 2 land lots meant for private housing contrition in Georgia (a country, not a US state, translator’s note). Ashba’s wife owns 2 land lots meant for private housing contrition, an apartment, and a big 1.2 thousand m2 house.

Aleksandr Briksin shares an apartment and a car parking lot in Spain with his wife. Yuri Oleynikov shares an apartment in Bulgaria with his wife.

Some MPs do not own real estate abroad. However, their wives do. For example, Nikolai Valuev’s wife owns a house in Spain. Sergey Pakhomov’s wife owns an apartment in Bulgaria. Umakhan Umakhanov’s wife owns a house in Spain. Andrey Golushko’s wife owns a land lot meant for construction in France. Vladimir Katenev's wife partially owns an apartment and a land lot in Finland.

Russian Liberal Democratic Party members did not declare real estate abroad. A Just Russia members do not have real estate abroad, but their wives do: Valery Gartung’s wife owns an apartment in Switzerland; Vadim Belousov’s wife owns an apartment and a land lot meant for construction in Spain. As for the Russian Communist Party, Svetlana Savitskaya’s husband owns an apartment and a garage in the Republic of Belarus. Non-partisan MP Rifat Shaykhutdinov declared partial ownership of a hamlet in Finland.

Unusual property

Aside from land, houses, and apartments MPs also have a lot of unusual real estate. Andrey Alshevskikh is a member of the State Duma Committee for Economic Policy and a member of United Russia. He made a little over 3 million rubles in 2016. Alshevskikh has his own 155.3 m2 pool in Russia. Grigory Anikeev is a member of United Russia and a member of the Committee for Social Interactions. He owns an AS 350 B3 helicopter, 2 ambulances, partially owns more than 11 000 m2 of gas pipeline, almost 10 000 m2 of sewage, and almost 9 000 m of road. Anikeev made more than 527 million rubles in 2016.

United Russia member Yushaa Gazgireev owns an almost 3.9 m2 festivities house. A Just Russia member and former football trainer Valery Gazaev owns a 329 m2 bedroom block.



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