Volodin acknowledged need to protect honor of President at legislative level

Volodin acknowledged need to protect honor of President at legislative level
Russian State Duma’s spokesman Vyacheslav Volodin

The spokesman of the State Duma cited as an example the USA, where those, who offend the head of the country, receive ‘serious terms’.

Law on protection of honor and dignity of the President of the country is necessary in Russia. It was declared by spokesman of the lower house of Parliament Vyacheslav Volodin within the meeting with students of Innopolis University. The subject was lifted by one of the students, he asked a question to the Chairman of the State Duma – whether it is time to impose bill on protection of honor of the Head of state in the country in light of “the information pressure, from the media” (quote by TASS) on Head of the state Vladimir Putin.

In reply Volodin acknowledged that the student was right as “all international experience say that such laws are not only necessary, they are everywhere”.

“Yes, this institute should be protected”, the spokesman stated, emphasizing that in the USA, for example, for a simple statement against Barack Obama in 2015 “four persons received serious terms of punishment - two, one and a half years of prison”.

In his turn the President’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that the Kremlin has no line item on the issue of development of the similar bill yet.

At the end of December, 2015 Volodin then holding a post of the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration held a meeting, at which it was told about the recommendation of the Kremlin to all politicians to read the collection of quotes of Vladimir Putin under the name The Words Changing the World.



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