Volgograd chief investigator sacked 

Volgograd chief investigator sacked
Lieutenant General of Justice, Mikhail Muzrayev

Lieutenant General of Justice, Mikhail Muzrayev, was so powerful he has been referred to as the effective head of the region for 10 years.

Lieutenant General Mikhail Kanduevich Muzrayev has been relieved of his post of the Volgograd head of the Investigative Committee.

Having headed the investigative bodies for more than 11 years, Muzrayev was dismissed by decree No. 762 of Russian President Vladimir Putin of December 28, 2018, among other high-ranking officials of the Investigative Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Emergencies Ministry and Federal Penitentiary Service, said Bloknot Volgograd.

Meanwhile, the official website of legal information and kremlin.ru have yet to post the presidential decree, and the official website of the Volgograd central board refers to Mikhail Muzrayev as the department head.


Mikhail Kanduyevich Muzrayev is Lieutenant General of Justice, head of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Volgograd region since the formation of the Investigative Committee, one of the most influential security officials in the region. According to the official biography of General Muzrayev on the website of the Volgograd ICR's Investigative Directorate, a native of Kalachevsky district of the Volgograd region joined the regional prosecutor's office after graduating from the Saratov Law Institute name after D.I. Kursky, in which his major was Legal Science, in 1986. During his service, he repeatedly led investigative and operational groups detecting especially grave violent crimes, contract killings, including those committed by organized crime groups, oversaw the work of an interdepartmental anti-corruption group in order to coordinate the activities of operational and investigative services for revealing and suppressing corruption crimes in law enforcement agencies and authorities. He has numerous state awards and award weapon. In the Prosecutor’s Office, Muzrayev made it to Deputy Prosecutor of the Volgograd region in charge of oversight of the investigation, and after the foundation of the ICR as an independent body, he helmed the regional Investigative Directorate. In May 2013, by President Putin’s decree, the term of office of Mikhail Muzrayev was extended for another 5 years.

Meanwhile, an informed source of Novosti Volgograda reported that Mikhail Muzrayev had already said goodbye to the ICR staff on December 29.

According to the Nezygar Telegram channel, Muzrayev’s friend, ICR Chairman Alexander Bastrykin, had made efforts to protect the Volgograd official, who was made so powerful thanks to his friend that for a long time was referred to as the effective head of the region.

We shall add that rumors about the imminent resignation have been circulating in the media since 2014. They claimed Mikhail Muzrayev had suffered a stroke and was going to leave the post for health reasons. In December 2017 and May 2018, when the lieutenant general was going on vacations, the media were quick to write goodbye articles, too.

In June 2018, General Muzrayev was in the spotlight again. The Volgograd ICR head was actively helping General Drymanov, the former Moscow ICR chief accused of bribery, to escape from justice by becoming a lawyer in Volgograd. Drymanov, a Muscovite, went as far as get a Volgograd residence, in a house next door to Mikhail Muzrayev’s one, The CrimeRussia reported back then.

General Drymanov and Mikhail Muzrayev have been friends for quite a while; Muzrayev was also friends with other defendants in the case of Shakro Molodoy’s Investigators. Take Mikhail Maksimenko, the former head of ICR security dept sentenced in April to 13 years in jail, who was a close friend of Mikhail Muzrayev’s, according to the Novaya Gazeta. Drymanov’s former deputy, General Nikandrov, who had testified against him, had worked under Muzrayev for a long time.

Volgograd media have already named the likely successor for the post, Major General of Justice Vasily Semenov, 51, who had previously headed the Astrakhan ICR.

According to Nezygar, General Semenov is closely associated with the FSB leadership.

Major General Vasily Semenov (left-hand)

Prior to his Astrakhan appointment in July 2015, Semenov had been in senior positions in the Republic of Adygea, then worked as deputy head of the ICR for the North Caucasus Federal District. He has departmental award badges and the medal "For Impeccable Service" 1st degree. The new head will be introduced to the team of the Volgograd ICR in January 2019.




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