Vice Prime Minister of Prikamye presented with recordings where he insults homeland

Vice Prime Minister of Prikamye presented with recordings where he insults homeland

Local authorities check the deputy prime minister of the Perm region government, curator of the divided Regional Tariff Service Anton Udalyev, according to the scenario of Olga Glatskih from the neighboring region.

On Friday, several videos appeared on YouTube – phone call records, in which one of the subscribers was allegedly Deputy Chairman of the Prikamye government, curator of the divided Regional Tariff Service Anton Udalyev.

According to, the records are compromising in nature and can undermine the reputation of a regional politician. At the same time, the publication notes that so far Udalyev’s voice has been recognized on audio only by the authors of anonymous Telegram channels.

Thus, in the first video, a person with a voice similar to Udalyev tells off a subordinate in the Regional Tariff Service for an illiterate response to the request from the Department for fighting against Economic crimes. On the second – a man tells his interlocutor about a meeting of the Russian government chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak.

The man on the record said that the wife of the Deputy Minister of Housing and Public Utilities of the Russian Federation, Andrey Chibis, is Kozak's daughter, so Chibis can in fact be considered the true head of the department. The speaker compared himself with the vice-premier, saying that “he leads like me. Well done” and declared that he had lobbied his transfer to Moscow through the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation.

In the third audio the recorded one says to the interlocutor that he drank 6 liters of beer and complains that there are a lot of road police patrols on the road that can stop him for driving while intoxicated. All three audio recordings abound in obscene words. After that, the media passed information that Udalyev allegedly called Perm "Mukhosransk."

The publication notes that due to a similar situation in 2014, the vice-governor of the Chelyabinsk region, Ivan Senichev, was forced to resign after calling his region “f***ed region” in a conversation with a businessman. Recall that a week earlier, the cause for a scandal was the statement of another Perm official – Director of the Youth Policy Department of the Sverdlovsk Region Olga Glatskikh. At a meeting with young people in Kirovgrad, she said that the state did not owe anything to the youth, because “it didn’t ask you to give birth to kids.” As a result of a wide resonance, Glatskih was removed from office.

A member of the regional headquarters of All-Russia People's Front, Nikolai Ivanov, in a conversation with URA.RU, noted that he had not heard anything about compromising evidence on Udalyev, but the published records may well be an element of the campaign against him, which is “conducted regularly.” Ivanov noted that “he sees nothing extraordinary in this, because” the official oversees the housing and utilities sector, which is regularly criticized.

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